ILO Country Office Launches UNNATI Advocacy Challenge Fund Partnership

ILO launches a new initiative to promote inclusive growth in the agricultural sector

July 20, 2017, 9:24 a.m.

The partnership launch aims to highlight the importance of improving advocacy for responsible business, including rights and good corporate governance in four value chains: orthodox tea, ginger, dairy and cardamom in seven hilly districts of eastern Nepal.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched a new partnership to promote sustainable development and inclusive growth in the country. The ILO organized the launch of the partnership with thirty Advocacy Challenge Fund (ACF) grantees under the larger UNNATI program funded by the Government of Denmark.Ilo.jpg

 The event was chaired by Suresh Babu Tiwari, Officiating Secretary, Ministry of Agricultural Development. The event included participation from across the government, donor and implementing partners of the ACF, including employers and workers organizations, media organizations, and civil society organizations. Among the dignitaries present were Valerie Julliand, UN Resident Coordinator and Ingrid Dahl-Madsen, Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of Denmark and Richard Howard, Director of the ILO Country Office in Nepal.

In the opening remarks, Richard Howard highlighted that this inclusive partnership has been carried out in an exemplary way. Binod Bhattarai, Senior Agriculture Economist from the Ministry of Agricultural Development shared that the selection process was transparent and meticulously planned. Ms Ingrid Dahl-Madsen expressed that the inclusive growth program is a milestone for the country. She stated, “Increased productivity and happy employees can and should go hand in hand.” In her remarks, Valerie Julliand stated, “As Nepal works toward “leaving no one behind” in its implementation of the SDGs, this is the time to ensure “Decent work for All.”

Ram Chandra Lamichhane, from the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters and an ACF grantee shared that they are optimistic about the project and that this project has helped touch the lives at the grassroots. In the closing remarks, Mr. Suresh Babu Tiwari expressed hope that the program will contribute to the development of agricultural sector in Nepal.

The UNNATI program is guided by the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning the Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) which provides guidance to governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations as well as to MNEs on responsible and sustainable workplace practices. The MNE Declaration was most recently revised in March 2017, and will contribute towards Nepal’s efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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