EU Provides Support To Nepal’s School Sector Development Plan

EU Provides Support To Nepal’s School Sector Development Plan

Aug. 10, 2017, 9:59 p.m.

The EU and the Government of Nepal reinforce their Cooperation with EU support to Education worth EUR 61.4 million

The Government of Nepal and the European Union (EU) signed on the 9 August 2017 a Financing Agreement entitled "Supporting Nepal's School Sector Development Plan".

This Agreement reinforces the cooperation between the EU and Nepal by continuing to support the promotion of inclusive and equitable quality education for all in addition to the ongoing joint initiatives on rural development, earthquake recovery, and governance.

On behalf of the Government of Nepal Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Shanta Raj Subedi signed the agreement on behalf of the Government.

"We very much appreciate that the EU contribution uses directly Government channels, because this brings down transaction costs and enhances coordination,' said secretary Subedi.

 ''This Financing Agreement provides the Government of Nepal with an important EU contribution to poverty reduction and socio-economic development in Nepal by raising educational access and achievements of the young generation on an equitable basis,'' said the EU Ambassador Rensje Teerink.

She emphasized the importance of implementation and adequate financing for quality outcomes and stressed the need for continued collaboration and coordination between the efforts undertaken through the education sector recovery plan and overseen by the National Reconstruction Authority and the regular implementation and strengthening of school safety nationwide.

According to a press release issued by Delegation of the European Union to Nepal, the EU's action in support of the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) will assist the Government of Nepal in implementing the SSDP through providing financial and technical support to improving the management and service delivery in the education sector.

It combines EUR 56.5 million of sector budget support with EUR 4.9 million of complementary measures (including capacity building and technical assistance). With this program the EU will join Nepal and other Development Partners through a sector-wide approach in building on the successes of the previous education sector plan and the achievements made towards the Millennium Development Goals.

In particular, the SSDP aims to transform the gains in access to quality learning outcomes. This will be done alongside the continued earthquake recovery efforts and at the same time as the country is transitioning from a centralized to a federal form of governance. This Financing Agreement highlights the EU's commitment to supporting Nepal in SSDP implementation to ensure quality education delivery for all children.


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