Eighty Deaths, 50 Disappeared and Over 21000 Displaced by Floods In Nepal

As the rain fall is gradually receding, floods wreaked havoc across Terai region

Aug. 14, 2017, 9:02 a.m.

As the rain fall is gradually receding, floods wreaked havoc across Terai region with at least 80 death,50 disappeared and inundating more than fifty thousand houses and displacing over 21000 families.

According to Ministry of home affairs, the entire southern part of the central and eastern district has been submerged in water. Eastern parts of Terai have been severely affected by the floods.

According to Flood Alert issued by Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the water level is receding in the river like West Rapti, Babai and others. However, there is a fluctuation of water level Riu River of Chitwan and Rapti.

Flood Monitoring Division said it is likely to see the flood in Baghmati, Rapti, Riu, West Rapti and West Babai in next 24 hours as the pressure of rain is in around those areas.

However, the water level in major rivers including Kosi, Narayani, Karnali and Mahakali will be normal.  Eastern Part of Nepal is gradually backing into normal with the monsoon moved towards west.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division, there will be generally cloudy throughout the country and light to moderate rain likely to occur at some places in the central and western regions and at a few places of the eastern region.

In Saptari district alone more than 1,500 houses have been submerged in water and 350 families have been displaced. As the land and houses submerged people have gathered at sections of many roads.

The government has announced Rs.200, 000 thousand immediate relief to the family of the death.

Among those displaced, children, women and elderly people and their situation are worse. Rescue and relief are challenging because there are no means of transport available. Flood has basically affected the Dalit community.

 If the administration does not supply food, water, medicines in the flood affected zones; it is going to invite a huge problem. The dirty water is everywhere. It might be hazardous,” he stated.

As it rained regularly, the river swelled even more. Four days of incessant rain caused the flood. As many parts of the section of east-west high and bridges are washed away, road connection to eastern Nepal is cut off.

 Locals say that nobody has come to see them except for few policemen. But, the policemen come and help in person, without any relief packs. People believe that the recent flood is the biggest in the last few decades.

According to Weather Forecasting Division, the highest rain fall in the last twenty-four hours in the areas include Dang 167.4, Simara 173.2, and Jankapur 192.4. Similarly, Bhairahawa, Birendranagar, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu received 67.6, 64.3, 70.2 and 26.6 rainfalls in the last 24 hours respectively.


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