Nepal Army Establishes First Exclusive Unit for Women

Nepal Army Establishes First Exclusive Unit for Women

Oct. 1, 2017, 1:57 p.m.

Chief of Army Staff General Rajendra Chhetri reviewed progress made during his two years tenures. He was appointed COAS on Ashoj 9 of 2072.

He also reviewed the progress made under the COAS’s Command Guidance – 2015 which he has issued just taking the position of COAS.

Addressing Nepal Army Officers and all other rank and files, COAS General Chhetri said that Nepalese people have a great faith on Nepal Army as it works with people in disaster and other welfare program.

“Nepal Army is a center of hope, trust and unity of Nepalese people. Even international community praise the role of Nepal Army in disaster management back home and peacekeeping with devotion and commitment for the international peace with the selfless service and professional dedications,” said COAS General Chhetri.

He said that Nepal Army’s role in holding peaceful, impartial and credible local elections by transporting the ballot paper in sensitive areas and providing security in printing the ballot paper.COAS Chhetri reviewing the progress.jpg

He said that Nepal Army also played role in defusing explosion and providing the security outside the polling satiations and booth. He directed Nepal Army’s rank and files to work hard to complete Kathmandu-Terai/ Madhesh Fast track project as par schedule.

COAS General Chhetri also said that under the Command Directives, the cabinet has also passed a proposal to enhance Nepal Army’s operational capability by enhancing the Air Mobility effectiveness and reliability. Similarly, the government also agreed to increase the numbers of vehicles to increase the mobility of ground troops.

“For the professional development of women in Nepal Army, Gorakh Kali Gulma, consisting of all women has already been established. This is for the first time in Nepal Army,” said COAS General Chhetri. He also said that the process of procuring the rescue equipments to enhance the capacity of Nepal army in search and rescue has already begun.

He also said that Nepal Army has been conducting joint army exercise with army of friendly countries to fight against terrorism. Nepal Army has been working with the United States of America and United Kingdom and United Nations Mine Action Service to improve the capacity of Nepal Army in defusing EOD, IEDD handling.  To make Nepal Army’s procurement process more transparent, Nepal Army has taken steps to start and procurement through E-Bidding. He also said that Nepal Army is giving priority for G To G process in procurement of all necessary goods. He also stressed the need to be self reliant on clothes, ammunitions and explosive producing them in the country and reduce the dependency on foreign countries. In the process, the modernization of Sundarijal Arsenal has already started.

He also stressed the need to further support government to preserve Chure bhawar and sports infrastructures.


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