Him Electronics Launches LED Bulb

Him Electronics Launches LED Bulb

Oct. 17, 2017, 8:29 a.m.

Him Electronics of Golchha Organization has launched its new LED bulb. Himstar LED bulb is Nepal's first international CE certified LED bulb, which is also the largest selling LED bulb in Nepal. The new LED bulb comes with feature of 100 lumens per watt with high power factor. low electricity consumption and higher lumens. The 8 watt bulb is priced at Rs. 150 and comes with 3 years warranty. Himstar LED bulb is better in terms of lumens, price and quality.

Himstar offers a range of LED lighting and luminaries. Bulbs from 3W~15W , Color Bulbs of 0.5W, tube lights, Recessed & Surface mount Downlights and Panel Lights and other indoor and outdoor lights.

Speaking about the new LED bulb, Shekhar Golchha, Managing Director of Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd, stated, "We are very happy to announce the launch of Himstar LED bulb In the Nepali market. Himstar LED bulb comes closer to solving and minimizing the load shedding problem in the country as it consumes low electricity and provides higher lumens compared to other LED bulbs. It is our small effort towards reducing the power deficiency.

The affordable price of the product along with the maximum lumens is sure to be a win-win combination to consumers and utility (NEA).”


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