COAS General Rajendra Chhetri’s visit to the United States has strengthened the army to army relations

Oct. 28, 2017, 8:19 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL.11, No.07, October 27- 2017 (Kartik 10, 2074)

Since being appointed the Chief of Army Staff two years ago, COAS General Chhetri has been making efforts to enhance the image of Nepal Army in the national as well as international sectors.

Along with visiting army posts and barracks within the country to boost the morale of Nepal Army, COAS General Chhetri has visited Nepal’s friendly neighbours and helped a lot to boost military to military relations.

On an invitation by U.S. Armed Forces Chairman of the Joint Chifes of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr, COAS General Chhetri participated in 'Global Chiefs of Defense Conference on Countering - Violent Extremist Organization (VEOs)’.

Nepal Army and U.S Army have maintained very cordial relations for long launching joint exercises annually to improve their capability in disaster management. The support provided by the U.S. Army during the great earthquake helped resuce many people. Four U.S. Army soldiers even sacrificed their lives in the rescue mission.

Thus, COAS General Chhetri’s visit to United States and participation in the international conference is a matter of great importance.

As the oldest institution of the country, Nepal Army has the capacity to handle the situation in a better way. Along with carrying out development work, Nepal Army has also been playing a major role in the international arena through the UN Peacekeepers.

Participating in international conferences is in the best interest of institutions as such participation will not only boost the image of Nepal Army but also provide the much needed exposure.

Since Nepal is one of the disaster-prone countries and Nepal Army is a lead organisation in disaster management, sharing Nepal’s experience with international level is also important.

Given the present context, the visit of COAS General Chhetri to the United States is significant for Nepal. Along with civilian diplomacy, nations are pursuing their diplomacy through increasing military contact.


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