Election Commissions Unveils PR Lists For Parliamentary, Provincial Polls

Election Commissions Unveils PR Lists For Parliamentary, Provincial Polls

Nov. 4, 2017, 8:23 a.m.

The Election Commission released the lists of provincial and parliamentary proportional representation candidates submitted by parties.

Political parties had submitted names of 6,094 candidates. Of the total candidates in the PR lists for parliamentary and provincial polls, 793 males and 931 females  are indigenous peoples, 867 males and 997 females are Khas/Arya, 158 males and 262 females are Tharus, 342 males and 496 females are Dalits, 445 males and 563 females are Madhesis, 81 males and 157 females are Muslims, 158 males and 115 females are differently-abled, and 107 males and 122 females are from marginalised groups.

Of the 88 parties registered with the EC, only 49 had submitted their closed list for parliamentary PR list. The EC stated that 53 parties had submitted closed list of candidates for provincial PR elections.

Parties had submitted the closed list of proportional representation candidates to the EC on October 15; the EC let the parties correct their name lists from October 16 to 23; the parties submitted amended lists of candidates to the EC between October 23 and 29; complaints against candidates listed in the closed list can be lodged from November 4 to 10; the EC will scrutinise complaints between November 11 and 17 and notify about candidate(s) removed from the closed list on November 18. The poll panel will publish the final closed list on November 19.

Spokesperson for the Election Commission Navaraj Dhakal said the EC had published the names of parties’ PR candidates as per the priority order submitted by the respective parties.

A total of 110 members of the Parliament and 220 members of the provincial assemblies  will be elected through the PR election.

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