Japan Provides Assistance To DRR Strengthening Project In Chitwan

Japan Provides Assistance To DRR Strengthening Project In Chitwan

Nov. 21, 2017, 8:24 p.m.

Japanese Government is extending financial assistance of US dollars 419,859, equivalent to approximately Nepalese rupees 43,824,882, to SHAPLA NEER - Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support under the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects Scheme. Shapla Neer, an international NGO based in Japan, will work with a Nepalese partner NGO, Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), to implement the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Strengthening Project in Chitwan District.

A grant contract relating to this project was signed and exchanged on 21st November between Masashi Ogawa, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, and Tomoko Nakashima, Country Representative, Shapla Neer Nepal Office, at the Embassy of Japan in Nepal.Japan's support to DRR in Chitwan.jpg

According to a press release issued by Japanese Embassy, this grant assistance will be used to implement a project in both Madi Municipality, a flood-prone area, and previously named Lothar VDC, a landslide-prone area, both in Chitwan District. This project aims to strengthen community resilience towards disasters.

The major elements of this project are: With the close coordination with local government, stakeholders and community people. Major elements of the project include:

Capacity development of local government and communities: While enhancing the capacity of local bodies and Local Disaster Management Committees (LDMCs) for disaster risk reduction through various methods such as workshops and knowledge transfer, the project will facilitate to develop Local Disaster Risk Management Plans for the LDMCs.

Establishment and maintenance of infrastructure: The construction of river widening, gabions, and embankment as well as protection walls and drainage systems will be implemented, and the maintenance of these infrastructures will be carried out by the communities in cooperation with LDMCs.  Additionally, an embankment with slopping and launching will be constructed.

DRR education at schools: DRR activities such as an evacuation drill will be provided to schools.

The Embassy of Japan in Nepal expects this project will contribute to improving disaster risk reduction (DRR) in local communities in Chitwan and will also be a DRR model for other districts in Nepal. Additionally, this project will contribute to the cordial friendship between the peoples of Japan and Nepal.



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