COAS General Rajendra Chhetri has said that Nepal Army will be mobilized within the constitution if any threat arises against Nepal’s sovereignty

Dec. 8, 2017, 1:01 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL.11, No.10, December 08-2017 (Mangsir 22, 2074) Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

At a time when some forces are trying to terrorise people using explosions, Chief of Army Staff General Chhetri has assured the Nepalese people that Nepal Army will mobilise its forces within the constitution to preserve national unity and provide security to the people.

In his interview to APN TV, COAS General Chhetri said that Nepal Army cannot remain a silent spectator to anybody, including  Dr. CK Raut, conspiring against the country.

Replying to a query on election, COAS General Chhetri said that this election is important because it is being held after 10 years’ long conflict and 10 years’ long transition. “We are in the last stage of implementation of the constitution,” said COAS General Chhetri.

“After the completion of the election, the country will be under the newly elected government, with the process of implementation of constitution completing. We are looking at this election very positively, hoping that it will end the long transition.”

On explosions and terror, COAS General Chhetri said, “at a time when the country is in a total transformational stage, it is not unnatural to see some sporadic incidents. It is not necessary to say that all the factions agree with this process. Some IDE’s were planted to create obstructions to the elections and we also learnt that some individuals were also injured. Although there were some of these events, no major damage was seen. This is because of the alertness of Nepal Army and other security agencies and administrations.

“Nepal Army is now in the field using all options to prevent any major attack. Definitely, there were certain incidents but we are able to prevent major incidents in large areas. There are minimum casualties, this, what I can say, is a calculative risk. There is no need to postpone the elections because of these activities,” said COAS General Chhetri.

“Under the Article 267 of Constitution, Nepal Army has extraordinary rights to protect Nepal’s integrity and sovereignty. Nepal Army is an institution on which people have a strong faith. We draw a line, Laxman Rekha, under this provision. If our national integrity, sovereignty and geographical integrity is under a threat, the constitution allows us to intervene to protect the country. If such a situation arises, Nepali Army will be active in line with the constitution of Nepal,” said COAS General Chhetri.

“The time has not come to use the ultimate power of the country. Nepal Army will move only if the country faces a major crisis and its sovereignty and integrity come under a threat. There are few incidents, including large numbers of IED planted but there is some hoax as well. Our professional and trained manpower are cautiously disposing the IEDs. Of course, they created panic but the damage of such explosives is minimum. After massive mobilization of Nepal Army, the number of incidents has also reduced.”

“We have national intelligence department and Nepal Army has its own and we are getting the limited number of information. We are making efforts to coordinate. There may be some gaps. Security forces have information. The whole training, planning and preparation of Nepal Army are to defend the country’s independence. This is why Nepal Army cannot remain quiet if there is a real threat for country’s integrity. If such a situation arises, Nepal army will be mobilised under the constitution,” said COAS Chhetri.

“Nepal Army is established as a dependable force not only in the country but outside the country as well. Historically, Nepal Army has been using its power and strength to protect the country. Any act to disintegrate the nation is not acceptable to Nepal Army. Our training is as per the mandate of constitution. Nepal Army is clear, as we don’t allow using our soil against our neighbour. We are very sensitive and aware on this issue. As long as any issue remains political, it needs to be solved politically. If there is the involvement of outside forces, there is the need to exercise diplomatic means. In the present context, we are not reaching to use the military power. As long as such issues are tackle through political and diplomatic means, there is no need to use military power.”


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