EU and CTEVT Team Up To Upgrade Technical And Vocational Training In Nepal

EU and CTEVT Team Up To Upgrade Technical And Vocational Training In Nepal

Dec. 12, 2017, 10:19 p.m.

Nepal and the European Union (EU) are closely working together to upgrade the technical and vocational training system in the country. As an important part of this collaboration the EU has signed a grant contract of Euro 5.5 million (NPR 667.9 million) with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for implementing the 'Sakchyamta' (i.e. Competency) project. The CTEVT will be contributing Euro 61111 as co-financing for the project.

 Andreas Roettger, Head of Cooperation at the EU Nepal office and Pushpa Raman Wagle, CTEVT Member Secretary, concluded this agreement at the CTEVT office on 8 December, 2017. The Sakchyamta project, is part of the larger EUR 20 million 'EU-Nepal Practical Partnership for Technical Vocational Education and Training reform (TVET-PP)' where EU has also joined hands with the private sector and the British Council.

 "As Nepal is now embarking on a new phase of federal governance a strong focus on unleashing the economic potential is crucial for the nation’s vision and drive towards LDC graduation by 2022 and middle income status by 2030. We hope the Sakchyamta project will play a pivotal support role in boosting economic growth by helping to create a more demand driven workforce," Roettger said after the signing ceremony. The EU continues to be committed to assist Nepal in achieving better livelihood opportunities for all.

CTEVT Member Secretary Wagle thanked the EU for the valuable support saying "We at CTEVT are genuinely enthusiastic about this cooperation, which will enhance coordination and quality in this important sector. Our commitment is very strong to maximize the results of the Sakchyamta project by ensuring effective implementation"

 The EU aims at bringing noteworthy changes in the TVET sector through its current support. The EU-CTEVT partnership focuses on strengthening the quality of planning, coordination and implementation capacity of CTEVT to also increase the reach out to the most disadvantaged and ensure leadership in line with CTEVT's strategic plan (2014-2018).

According to a press release issued by EU, the project will work in the areas of capacity building of CTEVT staff, engage with the private sector in the development of a demand driven TVET system, ensure employers' involvement in developing curricula and learning materials, improving quality standards, assurance and monitoring in the TVET sector and the project will also strengthen effective coordination and collaboration with national provincial and local TVET stakeholders.

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