International Entrepreneurship Conclave - Connect-IN Participants Call On PM Oli

International Entrepreneurship Conclave - Connect-IN Participants Call On PM Oli

March 27, 2018, 12:24 p.m.

Entrepreneurship Conclave - Connect-IN Concluded with immense participation from Entrepreneurial Community. Organized by Embassy of India in Kathmandu on March 24, 2018, in association with Clock b Business Innovations, this event received participation from entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, consultants and start-up ecosystem players from both Nepal and India.

Finance Minister Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada graced the event as the Chief Guest. His remarks on the budding entrepreneurial business climate of Nepal and the scope of connecting it with that of India,set the context of the event.

According to a press release issued by Indian Embassy, even CEOs/ Investors from India and eight from Nepal addressed the audience that comprised 300 young entrepreneurs from both countries. The visiting CEOs and Investors from India called on the Prime Minister of Nepal, Shri KP Sharma Oli and shared their ideas on connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal and India.

Through 7 entrepreneurial meet-ups, 7 day city tour, 10 college level activities, 4 days of mentorships and workshops and massive social media campaigns, Embassy of India and Clock b managed to reach out to more than 500,000 entrepreneurial minds of Nepal. More than 600 entrepreneurs registered for the event out of which 300 were screened for attending the conclave.

 More than 30 start-ups showed interest in pitching for investment, 19 were screened for auditions and five start-ups made their business pitches at the finale’.  These firms were : Metro Tarkari, Furniture Hub, Kullabs, My Earth Eco Bags and Fohor bata Mofor.

The event and the associated sub-events including mentorship and audition sessions served as an ideal  platform for connecting the young entrepreneurial minds of India and Nepal. So far, these activities have received wide coverage in both Nepali and Indian business media platforms including newspapers, news websites, TV coverage and social media blogs. In all, there were more than 50 news reports in Nepali and Indian media that covered the event. There was a TV program aired by our TV partner on the journey and business ideas of the five shortlisted teams.

“It was the first of its kind platform created for the entrepreneurs of both countries to come together and exchange innovative ideas. The event had sessions that discussed and showcased the start-up ecosystem developing in various cities and States of India such as Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.This event has imparted unparalleled momentum and enthusiasm in the start-up community of Nepal and the organizers would be carrying out many follow up activities and programs around the theme of connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the two countries, in the months to come,” reads press release issued by Indian Embassy.


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