Six Die In Road Accidents

Six Die In Road Accidents

July 31, 2018, 1:46 p.m.

Six people have died and one injured seriously in six different road accidents in various parts of Nepal in last two days. Thirty-five years old Jeevan Sunar, a resident of Dailekh Lainkibrindasani Rural Municpaltiiy-8 died in Bharatpur Hospital. He was taken to the hospital for treatment when he was hit by a truck while walking to work in Narayanghat Mugling Road.

Truck driver flee following the accident and police took the truck under its control. Similarly, 45 years old Pashupati Chaudhary died in a motor cycle accident. His motorcycle falls over while Chaudhary was driving. He was declared dead at Old Medical College Bharatpur.

12 years old Sujan BK died in an accident in Tarakhola Rural Muncipality-5 of Baglung district. He was seriously injured when a tractor he was traveling tumble from the road.

Sixty-Sven years old Lato Tamang, a resident of Thakre Rural Municipality-4 died in Narvic Hospital during a medical treatment. He was admitted to the hospital in serious conditions. He was hit by a truck when he was walking at road.

Similarly, twenty-four years old Rishav Koirala, a resident of Chandrapur Muniicapality3 Gaidatar on the way to Birgunj Hospital. Motor hit the motorcycle he was driving. Pillion of the motorbike Twenty-five years old Sandip Gosai of Chandrapur Municpality-5 is under a treatment in serious conditions at National Hospital in Birgunj.

After a strike by a car from behind, the motorcycle collided with a truck on the road in front. All the three vehicles and drivers are in police custody reports daily news bulletin of Nepal Police.

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