KOICA and KAAN Organizes Knowledge Sharing Workshop

KOICA Alumni Association of Nepal (KAAN) and KOICA organizes a Knowledge Sharing Workshop

Oct. 12, 2018, 11:45 a.m.

The KOICA Alumni Association of Nepal (KAAN) is an institution established in 2001 to maintain good relation between KOICA and the Nepalese who have participated in KOICA’s short or long term training programs. Its main purpose is to share knowledge and experiences learned in Korea and contribute in the development of nation.

KAAN with a support from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) organized a Knowledge Sharing Workshop with an objective of disseminating the lessons learned through the KOICA Fellowship Program in Yellow Pagoda Hotel on October 11, 2018.

In the workshop today KOICA and KAAN plans to showcase two research papers “Perception to Adaptation of Climate Change in Nepal: An Empirical Analysis using Multivariate Probit Model” and “An Analysis of Fertility Decision and Son Preference in Nepal”. The program will also have a presentation where one of the KOICA fellows will be sharing how the new learned things can be implemented in the context of Nepal. All three presenters have attended KOICA Fellowship Program in 2016-2017 and currently working for the Government of Nepal. The Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC and Ms. Seo Hee Change Deputy Country Director will be the Chief Guest of the program, it is expected that 90 government officers from the related ministry will join the program.

According to a press release issued by KOICA, Human Resource Development Programs is one of the important development assistance cooperation of KOICA’s program in Nepal. Since 1991 KOICA has been implementing KOICA Fellowship programs in different development topics but not only limited to Economic Development, Rural Development , ICT training, Human Rights training, Gender Development, Crime prevention, Women development training, Water Resource Management and etc. Till date 1633 Nepalese government officials have attended KOICA program in Korea. KOICA support long term (Master’s Degree Program) and short term (15 – 20 days long) programs.

KAAN has been organizing this kind of sharing program since a long time, where KOICA trainees interact about their knowledge gained during their stay and study in Korea. They strongly discuss on the recommendation made by the researcher and identify ways of implementing in the context of Nepal.

Seo Hee Chang Deputy Country Director of KOICA highlighted on the key aspects of the Korea’s economic development and the role trained human resource in nation building.. She cited that different laws and its strict implementation by the political leaders and the citizens has lead Korea to its present position. She further stated that local government body should work with full cooperation to strengthen the development process in Nepal.

Dr Yubak Dhoj GC Secretary from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development also expressed the importance of knowledge sharing program mentioned that these kind of sharing program should reach the more wider range of audience in coming days and added that in the changed context of Nepal government structure we all should think of more appropriate and practical ways to bring the change.

KOICA has been supporting KAAN every year in different assistance programs such as medical camps, donation programs, web building and magazine publication within and outside the valley.

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