Imminent Nepali Constitutional Lawyer Kushum Shrestha Is No More

Imminent Nepali Constitutional Lawyer Kushum Shrestha Is No More

Nov. 7, 2018, 9:24 a.m.

Renowned constitutional lawyer and Senior advocate Kushum Shrestha died at the age of 75. Suffered from chronic Asthma, senior advocate late Shrestha has made a significant contribution to modernize Nepal’s legal system and he is a pioneer in making Nepal’s legal system professional.

Written number of articles and paper on constitution of Nepal, constitutional lawyer and senior advocate late Shrestha pleaded number of constitutional and political cases. Late Shrestha along with late Ganesh Raj Shrma pleaded BP Koirla’s cases in Supreme Court.

Senior advocate and constitutional lawyer late Shrestha also helped to expose Nepal legal system in international arena. Founder of Nepal Bar Association and Nepal Law Society, late Shrestha also groomed many young lawyers.

In his face book wall, his brother Mathura Shrestha writes the death of his brother Kushum Shrestha. “In a moment of great sadness, I have to say that my brother Kushum Shrestha died peacefully in presence of our family after a long struggle with his ailment,” writes Mathura Shrestha.

Born in Bandipur in a family of renowned merchant, Shrestha did BL from Kolkata and started his law practice in Kathmandu establishing Nepal Law Firm with senior advocate Krishna Prasad Bhandari.

A champion of individual freedom and rights of the man, late Shrestha always stand firmly for rule of law and constitutionalism in Nepal. His constitutional article Metamorphosis’ of Constitution holds his view.

He travelled around the world and took part in several international conferences on constitution and law where he made efforts to expose Nepal’s constitutional development.

After the promulgation of interim constitution and subsequent activities, he sidelined from the main stream. Despite his health problems, he continued to attend his law chamber.

As a vigorous reader of English literature, senior advocate Shrestha interpreted the complex constitutional issue in simple term. As nature lover, he was a walker and visited all the corners of Kathmandu valley. He along with late senior advocate Sharma also bought a land in Palubari where they discussed the constitutional issues and contemporary politics enjoying the nature.

Shrestha has wife, three sons and a daughter.

Photo Courtesy: Annapurna Post

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