5 reasons to watch Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s film 2.0

5 reasons to watch Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s film 2.0

Nov. 29, 2018, 8:23 a.m.

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 is all set to hit the big screen on November 29. The movie has been creating a generous amount of buzz since the project was announced. And not without reason. With a star-studded cast and stunning visuals, 2.0 promises to be a blast. Here are five reasons to check out the film.



The name sells itself. In the latter half of his cinematic career, Rajini has been open about accepting movies that help him explore unchartered territories in the inimitable Thalaivar fashion. Be it Kabali, Kaala or the upcoming 2.0 and Petta; the superstar seems energised to work on starkly different films.

Akshay Kumar’s debut


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar will be making his debut in the south Indian film industry with 2.0. And that is definitely something to look forward to. Will his venture prove to be as successful as the performance of his Hindi movies, only time will tell. Akshay plays the antagonist Crow Man in the film.

Visual effects


One of the biggest selling points of 2.0 is that the film is big on technology. 2.0’s action sequences have been shot on special 3D cameras. The film is being touted as one of the most expensive films made in Asia. Having spent the money they did, there are bound to be some spellbinding moments in the movie.

The narrative


2.0 is being hailed as the spiritual successor to Shankar’s 2010 blockbuster Enthiran. However, not too long director Shankar had said that 2.0 is not your quintessential sequel. It is a complete film in itself, according to the filmmaker. So what lies next for Rajinikanth’s Dr Vaseegaran and Chitti the Robot? A question that will be answered on November 29, hopefully.


By the looks of it, 2.0 looks like one fun ride. Be it Rahman’s music, the jaw-dropping visuals, or the concept itself, if nothing else, fans are going to flock to theaters to just have a ball.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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