Miss Universe Nepal Manita Devkota , A Favorite Of Miss Universe, Failed In Tough Competition

Miss Universe Nepal Manita Devkota , A Favorite Of Miss Universe, Failed In Tough Competition

Dec. 19, 2018, 8:39 a.m.

Miss Universe Nepal 2018 Manita Devkota’s statement delivered during the top 20 competition was chosen as the best eight statements in the Miss Universe 2018 finale.

According to news release, organization introduced a new segment where the Top 20 finalists came under the limelight and spoke in one line about their advocacies to strengthen their chances of winning the Miss Universe crown this year. Out of the Top 20 who presented their advocacies, Miss Universe Nepal Manita Devkota secured eighth positions.

Manita wishes to be a public health attorney who roots for marginalised women and children and wants to empower woman and children. She said she is a first-generation immigrant and graduate, she wants to use her degree to provide health education and advocate for children’s nutrition and maternal health. Upon winning the crown, she would empower women facing menstrual challenges and change the stigmas that surround the phenomenon.

Although she could not make it, some media outlets see Manita Devkota Miss Universe Nepal 2018 favourite for Miss Universe 2018


Manita is a model by profession and is 23 years of age. She is only the second delegate from Nepal who will be competing for the coveted crown of Miss Universe 2018 in less than a week, on 17th December 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Manita has a degree in Public Health which she reviewed from East Carolina University and has been in the Dean's list for seven semesters straight. This proves that she is not just beauty, but also brains. This Nepalese beauty stands tall at a height of 173 cm who has a heart of gold.

The spectacular person that she is, Manita’s main aim is to become an attorney and the sole purpose for that is to help women in her country dealing with health-related issues and to also aid them with their rights. She will be using her degree to provide health education and spread awareness about nutrition and maternal health.

Manita is an Ambassador of Women's Health at Days for Girls International. She is passionate to advocate for girl’s education, public health, and women empowerment. Along with that, she is also working really hard to change the stigmas and obstacles related to menstruation that women and girls face in her nation.


During her free time, Manita likes to try Asian cuisines and riding novels. She is also physically active as she likes to go hiking. Travelling the world is one of her absolute favourite things to do.

Manita’s versatile nature is the reason she is one of Angelopedia’s Top 20 favourite delegates for the title and crown of Miss Universe 2018. There is no doubt she will be able to carry out the duties of a Miss Universe with pride and confidence. She has all the potential to bring home the first Miss Universe crown for her nation.


Courtesy: Angelopedia

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