PM Oli Attended Reception In Switzerland

PM Oli Attended Reception In Switzerland

Jan. 26, 2019, 9:29 a.m.

Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli attended a reception hosted by the Embassy of Nepal to Switzerland and Permanent Mission of Nepal to the UN and International Organizations in Geneva this evening in honor of the Prime Minister and members of the entourage to the 49th Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF). The reception was organized in Zurich following the conclusion of Nepal’s participation at Davos.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli addressed the invited guests who comprised office-bearers and members of the Non-Resident Nepali Association in Switzerland, office bearers ofthe Swiss-Nepalese Society as well as professors, academicians, intelligentsia and other friends of Nepal. The Prime Minister appreciated the role of Nepali community and Swiss friends in strengthening Nepal-Switzerland relations. He invited business persons and entrepreneurs to invest in Nepal and be a part of Nepal’s inclusive and trans-formative development agenda.

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Ambassador/Permanent Representative Deepak Dhital extended a warm welcome to the Prime Minister, members of the Nepali delegation and all the invited guests and gave an overview of Nepal’s productive engagement at the World Economic Forum at Davos. He said that through such high level participation in very important forums like WEF, the prestige of the country had enhanced, and the interests served very well.

President of Non-Resident Nepali Association of Switzerland Bhumi Gurung and President of Swiss-Nepalese Society Marcus Ruckstuhl also spoke and extended warm words of welcome to the Prime Minister on the occasion.

According to a press release issued by Embassy of Nepal Geneva, Switzerland, Prime Minister took an observation visit to modern infrastructure development sites and touristic attractions in Zurich. Prime Minister is also visiting an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) tomorrow morning, before returning to Nepal in the afternoon upon conclusion of his visit to Switzerland to attend the WEF Davos 2019.


Similarly, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali held an interactive dialogue with faculty members, academicians and friends of Nepal at the Centre for Security Studies of ETH Zurich. The Foreign Minister presented Nepal’s unique and nationally-led peace process as a successful example to be shared broadly, introduced the federal set-up and its functioning and threw light on the national development perspectives.

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