Canadian Ambassador To Nepal Nadir Patel To Trek Everest Base Camp

Canadian Ambassador To Nepal Nadir Patel To Trek Everest Base Camp

April 5, 2019, 8:41 a.m.

As Nepal has announced to celebrate the year 2020 as Visit Nepal year to bring two million tourists, Nepal Tourism Board has already started to market Nepal as a brand globally organizing various programs.

As Nepal Tourism Board is encouraging various programs, the decision of Canada’s Ambassador to Nepal Nadir Patel to start his trek to Everest Base Camp from April 5 is one of the significant events.

With an objective to promote Nepal’ tourism sector and see the development works, Canadian Ambassador to Nepal Patel today left to Everest Base Camp with his small team leaving for trekking. Other aim of Ambassador Patel’s trek to Everest Base Camp is to promote bilateral relationship.

“The Everest Base Camp trekking of Canadian Ambassador to Nepal Nadir Patel is a very significant event to promote Nepal’s tourism sector in Canada. This will immensely promote Nepal in Canada,” said Deepak Raj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board. “We expect more events like this as our slogan Naturally Nepal, one is not enough,” said Joshi.

“We have approximately 14000 Canadian president visiting Nepal annually. That number is relatively constant for years. I certainly believe that my trip will generate interest back in Canada as well,” said ambassador Patel at a press meet.

“First of all, I do believe that my visit to Nepal as non-residential ambassador is short. I think spending a couple of week in one part of the is to make a genuine commitment to the country and contribute to promote and strengthen the relations and promote the country I have been serving as a non-resident ambassador.”

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“My wife did this trekking in 2012 and she trekked around the world and we both trekked some places in the world. She said this trekking is by far most spectacular trekking for her. The experiences shred by my wife have motivated me to take this trek. This is no better way to highlight Canada Nepal Relations at the people to people level. I will possibly go up to the mountain to see more spectacular view of Mount Everest,” said ambassador Patel.

“As you can see the relationship between the Canada and Nepal is flourishing as strong and robust with a lot of activities in the last year. We can see great and warm welcome from government of Nepal and people of Nepal. As an ambassador, there is of course not better way than to take the relationship in the greater height like the Himalayas. This is why I am taking this trek with a small team.”

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