Nepali Police Officers To Return On May 1 Completing Their Role Under MINUSTAH in Haiti

Nepali Police Officers To Return On May 1 Completing Their Role Under MINUSTAH in Haiti

April 24, 2019, 2:22 p.m.

After serving almost two decades in Caribbean country Haiti restoring order and launching the rescue and relief operation under United Nations Peacekeeping Mission, the last Nepalese police contingents of 140 members returning Nepal on May 1.

Currently 140 police officers are serving in Haiti to maintain law order and provide support to Haiti Police. Nepal's 1st contingent arrived in Haiti in September 2004 with MINUSTAH. The current contingent arrived in 4 Apr 2018 in the contingent location at Quarter Morin, Cap Haitian, Haiti.

Nepal as a police contributor to the UN: As of 28 February 2019, Nepal is the fifth largest Troop and Police Contributor Country (PCC) with 5,757 uniformed personnel deployed in different UN missions.

According to UN Mandate, area of intervention of MINUJUSTH Police mandate mandate include accompany and advise the National Police PNH at the strategic, operational and technical level, with a particular focus on the areas of command, control, operational planning and administrative management of the units and to provide support through joint checkpoints with the PNH, patrols and crowd control in the event of in demonstrations.

Under this mandate Nepal Police carried out the activities during the last year by the contingent include joint Operations, joint patrols, static security, escort of humanitarian aid to hurricane-affected area and escort for UN Conveys.

In a media interactions, MINUJUSTH spokesperson Sophie Boutaud de la Combe said that Haiti's Police force are capable themselves to handle the law and order situation now. With the support from MINUJUSTH, capability of Haiti's police have already developed and they are able to operate all police activities. She thanked Nepali Police for providing training for Haitian police under UN Mission.

She said that Nepali Police have trained Haiti's national police to handle humanitarian mission, control violent move and VIP's security, patrolling and other security related issues.

UN Police Commissioner Serge Therriault said that mission is successful to institutionalize the police in Haiti. Nepali Police Officer commander Sushil Kumar Yadav, operation officer Naresh Raj Subebdi, language assistant Chakra Bahadur Shah and Female nurse Bijaya Deuja have played differing role during their stay.

Female nurse Bijaya Deuja said that she has taught the issue on how to handle gender base violate and sexual harassment issue. " I am able to sensitize the issue in Haiti's police force.

In a Skype interview recently, commander Yadav said that Haiti has now a well trained police institution and police force to handle the law and order situation.





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All the photo courtesy: UNIC/MINUSTAH

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