South Africa’s Saray N’ Kusi Khumal Became First Black African woman To Scale Mt Everest

South Africa’s Saray N’ Kusi Khumal Became First Black African woman To Scale Mt Everest

May 17, 2019, 11:01 a.m.

Making history in scaling Mt. Everest, South Africa’s Saray N’ Kusi Khumal became the first Black African woman To Scale Mt Everest. As the scaling the Mt. Everest continue, South African woman among other climbers successfully climbed the world’s highest peak this morning.

“South Africa’s Saray N’ Kusi Khumalo reached top of the world and becoming the first black African woman to successfully climb Mt Everest.

“At least eight members including Saray N’ Kusi Khumalo and seven Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks stood on top of the world’s highest peak, according to company chairman Mingma Sherpa,” reports The Himalayan Times.

Saray made it to the summit of the mountain this season after her three previous attempts had failed due to different reasons, he said.

“Team leader Noel Richard Hanna, Jenifer Shirley and Seamus Sean Lawless from Ireland, Dalip Singh Shekhawat from Canada, Ravi Thakar from India, as well as Yaser Mohammad Khan and Mark Robert Parella from the United States scaled the mountain,” he said adding that Temba Bhote, Namgya Bhote, Denduk Bhote, Mingma Thinduk Sherpa, Pasang Gelu Sherpa, Pasang Dawa Sherpa and Fursang Sherpa also stood atop the Everest summit.

Canadian climber Matthews Clayton Vernon-led team also scaled Mt Everest this morning, Rishi Bhandari, Managing Director at Satori Adventures said. “The team members Georgian Tsintsadze Avtandil, British climber Maher Dean Mark, Lee Kil Bong from Korea, and Kakka Keval Hiren from India along with Mingma Temba Sherpa, Lakpa Tashi Sherpa, Dawa Temba Sherpa, Pemba Ongdi Sherpa, Tendi Sherpa, Fute Sherpa and Pasang Namgel Sherpa successfully climbed the mountain,” he shared.

Similarly, seven members from the NSG Indian Army team along with seven Sherpa climbers also stood atop Mt Everest this morning. Similarly, all 16 members of the first Indian Army Makalu expedition along with 13 Sherpas successfully climbed the world’s fifth highest mountain. A team led by Pankaj Gaur comprising members Jigmat Namgail, Balwant Singh, Ankur Rawat, Devendra Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary, Deepak Kumar, Sunil Kumar Rai, Ram Bahadur Mall, Dhane Karki, Indar Singh Adhikari, Narayan Singh, Mahak Mehta, Harjas Singh Gill and Jaypal Singh scaled Mt Makalu.

Many climbers from different countries successfully scaled Mt Makalu as they found a fair weather to make their final summit push this morning, organizers said.

British climber Philip James Crampton of US-based Altitude Junkies along with Malgorzata Jolanta Watroba reached the summit point of Mt Makalu at around 3:30 am. “It’s Philip’s second ascent of Makalu,” Navin Trital, Managing Director at Expedition Himalaya, said.

Record numbers of climbers also scaled world’s fourth highest Mt. Lhotse. Georgy Sadetskiy and Anastasiia Runova from Russia, and Ivan Yuriev Tomov from Bulgaria along with Pasang Tshering Sherpa scaled Mt Lhotse this morning. Nastya and Ivan climbed the mountain without supplementary oxygen and Sherpa support,” reports The Himalayan Times.

Photo courtesy: The Himalayan Times

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