KOICA Volunteer Supports School Of Health Service In Nepal

KOICA volunteer supports in Improvement of Educational Environment for School of Health Science – Make SOHS Great Again!”

May 23, 2019, 10:53 a.m.

Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV) Hyun Lee,Korean Language Instructor, has completed the project on “Improvement of educational Environment for School of Health Science (SOHS) – Make SOHS Great Again!”

The total budget of the project is around USD 42,387 only. The project has successfully completed the construction of Basketball Court, Installation of four dual inverter AC and one Projector in Library within the premises. The project aim is to upgrade the extra-curricular activity of school and to promote more friendly and innovative learning environment in school.

The project handover ceremony has been completed in the presence of KOICA on May 22, 2019 in School of Health Science, Bharatpur. Raman Kumar Meheta, Principal of the school expressed that through the support of KOICA, School of Health Science has been able to improve infrastructure as well as environment of the school. Now, the school has succeed to bring new technical education program even in community level also.


School of Health science is one of the oldest partners of KOICA with regards to KOV program. It has been receiving KOV in various sectors like Information Technology, Health, Education and etc. The former KOV also had contributed not only transferring the Korean skill to human resource of SOHS but also supporting in some infrastructure development of school. KOICA has been implementing small scale projects like above through its KOV program in many other sectors as well.

KOV program is one of KOICA most important development cooperation program which has been implemented since 1991, with this program KOICA aims to contribute in the socio-economic development of the partner countries at the grass root level. KOICA dispatches Korean national volunteers to government organizations as per the need and request. KOV serves in Nepal for 2 years in various fields such as education, health, agriculture, ICT etc. Currently, 25 KOICA volunteers and advisors are actively working in various government offices.

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