JNISC Announces More Agitation Programs Against Guthi Bill

JNISC Announces More Agitation Programs Against Guthi Bill

June 13, 2019, 3:21 p.m.

As the government has claimed that it reaches gentlemen agreement with agitating Guthi members to slow down the agitation, convener of Joint National Identity Struggle Committee (JNISC) Ganpati Lal Shrestha has demanded that the withdrawal of the bill is their first step. "The government must withdraw the bill. Nothing has happened now and our struggle will continue," said Shrestha.

As agitation against the Guthi Bill intensifies, Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padma Kumari Aryal has already started initiative to calm down the agitation. According to a report in media, she is making efforts to calm down agitators reportedly agreeing to receive the bill.


"Our is a legitimate committee to negotiate," said Shrestha. With an initiative of NCP member of parliament Jeevan Ram Shrestha and Ram Bir Mananhdar, there held an informal meeting to settle the Guthi Bill. Minister Aryal agreed to revise and correct the bill in that meeting.

"The government cannot fool us calling saying that they revise the bill," said Ganpati Lal Shrestha, a heritage activist.

"The momentum is just starting to pick up. Let this snowball into something so big that it addresses all issues that have been suppressed so far," Alok SiddhiTuladhar, active heritage activist of Kathmandu.

"It's a ploy! We will not get fooled. Not this time. If the government has the right intention, the first thing they must do is have the Ministry of Culture handle this issue, not the Ministry of Land Management. Guthi is not primarily about land. Guthi is about innumerable cultural traditions, ancient ritual practices and living intangible heritage. The land is there (donated by our ancestors) solely to support those activities," writes My Nepal, My Heritage Face book Page.

Apart from small scale meeting like set in at Indrachwok, there are also consultation meetings for various Newa groups. Finally, there will a mass meeting in Mangalbazar Patan.


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