Nepal Is Committed To Decent Work, Social Security And Harmonious Social Relations: Minister Bista

Nepal Is Committed To Decent Work, Social Security And Harmonious Social Relations: Minister Bista

June 14, 2019, 8:18 a.m.

Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Raj Bista said that Nepal is committed to fight against potential violence and harassment in the world of work.

“We are implementing a master plan to eliminate all forms of child labor by 2025. Having joined the Alliance 8.7 as a pathfinder country, Nepal is also committed to end all forms of child labor, forced labor, human trafficking and modern forms of slavery,” said minister Bista.

“Our efforts in labor migration reforms are in line with the spirit of the Global Compact on migration. We believe that cooperation and partnership is the key to safe, orderly and regular migration. Migrant workers deserve equality of treatment in destination countries. Nepal is actively promoting these concepts through the Colombo Process, of which we are the current Chair,” said Minister Gyawali.

“I would like to commend the ILO for its continuous cooperation and support to promote decent and productive work and implement labour reforms in Nepal. This is important for the promotion of productive and decent work opportunities, universal social security and shaping the future of work in Nepal,” said minister Gokarna at the Plenary of the 108th session of the International Labor Conference, Palais des Nations, Assembly Hall, Geneva.

“Decent work, social security and harmonious industrial relations have taken the center stage in Nepal’s reform agenda. We have initiated multiple policy and legal reforms in the field of labor, employment and social security. We have introduced a labor audit system that enables enterprises to enhance the compliance of labor laws. Our efforts are ongoing in the implementation of these reforms in collaboration with the social partners,” said Minister.

“The Government of Nepal has launched the Prime Minister Employment Program to create decent job opportunities and ensure work-based social protection to every citizen. Our efforts are also directed to promote dignity and worth of labor at the grass-root level. With a view to improve productivity and living standards of workers, policy measures have been put in place to ensure minimum wages in a timely manner.”

“The Centenary celebration is an opportune time to reflect on the key role played by ILO in promoting peace, equality and social justice. On this occasion, speaking at the High-Level Section of the ILO Centenary Conference on June 10th, our Prime Minister underlined among others the significant contribution of ILO in promoting fundamental principles and rights at work, social protection, tripartism and social dialogue.”



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