Nepal Airlines To Add Additional Seven Flights To New Delhi

Nepal Airlines To Add Additional Seven Flights To New Delhi

June 25, 2019, 1:40 p.m.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has taken various steps to increase the number of International destinations. Under its new strategy, NAC is adding additional seven flights to New Delhi making 21 flights a week.

NAC has already increase 3 flights recently and operating 14 flights a week now. NAC has already got a slot to fly 21 flights and it will increase additional seven flights within a month.

Currently, NAC is using narrow body for seven flights and wide body for other seven in New Delhi sector. Similarly, NAC has also increased one more flights to United Arab Emirates flaying four flights a week.

To increase the internal flights, NAC has already endorsed Approved Training Organization (ATO) to train pilots in Nepal. To operate the Y 12 aircraft regularly, two senior pilots are now getting training and they will start flight within the month. To operate NAC's twin otter, NAC is adding human resources. Under this, training has already started appointing senior instructor captain.

Disrupted since the last two years, the training of co-pilot has resumed and one co-pilot has completed his training and now CAN is processing license endorsement work. Three other are also receiving the training.

Since there are a lengthy process to use pilot for operation even after completing simulator training and license. To be eligible for regular flight, a pilot needs line clearance from instructor pilot. For this, he or she has to fly certain hours with instructor pilot.

After adequate human resources for narrow body, they will be promoted to wide body. NAC is working to train more Nepalese human resources for wide body. Nepal Airlines has already taken initiative to recruit human resources through Public Service Commission. The process of appointment is at the final stage.

NAC's engineering Department is going to start maintenance of the aircraft from July which is currently taken by International BCT Company. After this, NAC will save Rs.5 to 6 million. In another milestone, NAC's Continuing Airworthiness Management Department received IESO certificate following successful audit. This shows NAC is always concerned to provide secure flights and is capable to provide quality service.

In the area of Ground Handling, NAC 's ISAGO's was already renewed by IATA's supervision. This shows that NAC is not behind in the ground handling compared to other international airlines.

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