Upper Trishuli-3A Added 60 MW Electricity To Nepal’s National Grid

Upper Trishuli-3A Added 60 MW Electricity To Nepal’s National Grid

Aug. 10, 2019, 8:25 a.m.

Following years of delay and disruptions caused by various factors including earthquake, Upper Trishuli-3A 60 Megawatt Project has finally completed and started to generate electricity.

Started in 2009 with estimated project completion date 2014, it has completed recently. This is the second chronic projects completed after MD Kul Man Ghising took a charge of Nepal Electricity Authority.

Earlier another chronic project Chameliya also completed few years back. 14 MW Kulekhani will shortly connect to national grid as all the works has already completed.

Some important milestones of UT-3A:

January 22nd 2009: Tender Floated for 60 MW with Alternative Proposal clause

May 5th 2009: Bid Opened

May 28th 2010: Contract Agreement (with subject to condition)

February 28th 2011: Nepal Government and China Exim Bank sign Loan Agreement

April 15th 2011: Nepal Government and NEA sign Subsidiary Loan Agreement

May 18th 2011: Loan Agreement Effective

June 1st 2011: Commencement of Work Order given to CGGC (completion in 35 months-May 1st 2014)

January 3rd 2013: ‘in principle’ approval by Cabinet for 90 MW upgrading

May 31st 2013: 654th NEA Board approves 90 MW upgrading for US$ 132.00 million

June 12th 2013: 656th NEA Board retracts its 90 MW decision to 60 MW

Salient features of UT-3A Project:

Run-of-river hydropower

Headworks: 1 km downstream of Mailung/Trishuli confluence (19 km north of Trishuli town)

Access road: 2.3 km new and 11.3 km upgrading

Design discharge: 51 cumecs based on 70% exceedance flow

Gross head: 144.5 meter

Headrace tunnel: 4.095 km

Installed capacity: 60 MW (2x30 MW units)

Minimum Power: 43.75 MW

Gross annual generation: 489.76 GWh (average annual generation: 460 GWh)

Transmission line: 48 km to Kathmandu, 220 kV initially charged at 132 kV

Estimated project cost: 109.224 million US$

Specific energy cost: 3.03 US Cents/kWh



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