KOICA Country Director Awarded Certificates To The Korean Language Students

KOICA Country Director Awarded Certificates To The Korean Language Students

Sept. 8, 2019, 11:21 a.m.

Sunghoon Ko, Country Director of KOICA Nepal Office awarded certificates to Korean Language Students of Kathmandu University in Kathmandu University, Kavre on the occasion of project completion ceremony of Korea Overseas Volunteer (KOV) Hancheon Lee.

Lee was dispatched as a Korean Language Volunteer in Kathmandu University from October 2017 for 2 years in Department of Management Informatics and Communication (MIC) which is under School of Management and has been teaching Korean Language Classes continuously to provide knowledge of Korean language.

During the program there was an intensive participation of more than 20 people including KU students, professors and other related stakeholders. The program was organized by KU and KOV Mr. Lee jointly.


Sunghoon Ko, highlighted regarding the event being very much meaningful to KOICA , and stated that KOICA has been continuously supporting in various development projects in Nepal however cultural exchange program is also an important aspect of KOICA's work in Nepal, and the language volunteers have been aiding in promoting this aspect in Nepal , He further wished all the certified students to look for opportunities for the further studies in Korea.

Simultaneously, Dr. Subodh Raj Sharma Registrar in KU explained that having known some international language is always an advantage it also inculcate to have a positive impression about a nation and its people. He expressed his thankfulness to KOICA for supporting KU Technical Training Center as well as the support of the volunteer,

KOICA has been partnering with KU since a long time. Besides this KOV program KOICA has supported USD 3.5 million to establish KUTTC project to provide skill-oriented quality training to the under-privileged and unemployment youth to produce skilled and technical workforce in Nepal in the sectors of automobile, carpentry, welding and machining. The Korean government has been extending its supports to Nepal through KOICA in education, agriculture and health sectors since 1995.

KOICA’s volunteer program is one of the main programs to contribute to socio-economic development of the partner countries at the grass root level. KOICA dispatches Korean nationals to partner government organizations as per the need of expertise, knowledge, and experience. Each volunteer serves in Nepal for 2 years in various fields such as education, health, agriculture, ICT etc. Currently, 3 advisors & 19 KOICA volunteers are actively working in various government sectors in accordance with an agreement between the governments of Korea and Nepal.


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