Korea Supports E-Governance And ICT Program In Nepal

Korea Supports E-Governance And ICT Program In Nepal

Sept. 12, 2019, 12:18 p.m.

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and KOICA Alumni Association of Nepal (KAAN) organized a Departure Orientation and Action Plan sharing workshop for the participants of “E-governance and ICT program” on September 11, 2019 in Summit Hotel, Lalitput which is one of KOICA’s Multiyear Country Specific program started from 2018 – 2020.

This is the second year program and is scheduled from September 15- September 28, 2019 in Korea. Through this program around 46 officials from MOFAGA and MOF will be trained in above subject by 2020. The program was specially tailored for the official of MOFAGA. The prime objective of this fellowship program is to focus on the importance and benefits that e-governance will bring in public sector. For example; effective provision of public service available through ICT, electronic participation etc.

The program was attended by KOICA Deputy Country Director Kim JinHwa, 14 fresh officials from MOFAGA and MOF, 6 former participants of same program and Executive Members of KAAN.

The said program also provided needed information regarding the KOICA program and trip. The main objective of today’s program is to share 3 action plans prepared by the previous year’s group and discuss whether it can be refined for this year. The other objectives of the program are to provide departure orientation to new fellows of 2019 and KOICA –KAAN Networking. KOICA assumes that these presentations will also give the participants basic understanding on what the program offers.

During the program Kim stressed on focusing more on refining the already prepared action plan so that the recommendation made and planned activities could be materialize instead of recommending new plan and also encouraged each participant to increase the ownership towards the prepared plan.

KAAN President Binod Bidari also shared that the planned activities should not always be limited in the papers it should at least be shared among the related stakeholders and each participant should work towards making a conducive environment for it to be implemented.

In an effort to share the experience and knowledge acquired over the course of Korea’s own development with partner countries, KOICA is increasing the number of Capacity improvement for advancement of tomorrow (CIAT) program that are based on the specific needs of partner countries. CIAT is one of the important development cooperation program which KOICA has been implementing since 1991, till date more than 1700 government officials have attended in various capacity building program (long term and short term) in Korea specially focused in Education, Health, Governance, ICT, Rural Development, Industry and Energy etc.

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