Embassy of Israel organizes Volunteering Day in Kathmandu

Feb. 11, 2020, 10:46 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 13 No. 12 ,Feb.07-Feb. 20,2020(Magh.24, 2076) Publisher: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

Although Israel has rarely come to public to highlight its support to Nepal, the support has had highly valuable impacts for Nepal. Whether sending the students, the sons and daughters of small farmers or promoting commercial agriculture in Nepal, Israel's support is highly meaningful.

Planting seeds of kindness to give bonsai of happiness, the Embassy of Israel in cooperation with Shalom Club Nepal started “Volunteering Day” 10 years ago in order to give back to the communities of Nepal.

Continuing the trend of Volunteering Day, the Embassy of Israel to Nepal organized “Volunteering Day” on 24 January 2020 at Shanti Shikshya Mandir Madhyamik Vidhyalaya,” a government school based in Kathmandu.

Basic food items (rice and lentils) were donated that would be sufficient for approximately a year for the schoolchildren. “We are very proud to share that because of the Embassy’s initiation of ‘Free Lunch Provision’ last year, there has been almost fourfold increase in the number of the school students i.e. from 80 to 310 students at the above-mentioned school. Hence, this year too, the Embassy decided to continue the project,” said ambassador of Israel to Nepal Benny Omer.

Beside the donation program, the school premise was cleaned. Shalom Club members joined hands in the Embassy’s symbolic initiation of creating aesthetic environment for the schoolchildren, conducive to learning. To make the environment cleaner and better, students with the help of Shalom Club members segregated the school wastes. Dustbins for different categories of waste were also donated.

Expressing happiness and satisfaction to be able to contribute for the children, ambassador Benny Omer said, “When school kids can enjoy both good food and cleaner environment, they will be able to concentrate on what is important for their future: To learn better in order to increase their chances for better conditions of living, as grown-up adults.”

Sudam Prasad Gautam, School Principal, said, “The Day Meal program has really helped in the increment of the students' enrollment. As a matter of fact, many other organizations especially Ishwar Lal Foundation and Salt Trading Corporation, pitched in to help our school, after the Embassy's initiation by donating groceries, meat and other food items to make the program successful. Now, our motto is to emphasize Quality Education."

Motiraj Khanal, School Supervisor, Education Department, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, said, "The school was going to be merged as the number of the students here was very low but after the day meal program, the students' number has drastically increased. Now, the school which was going to be merged, is awarded for the remarkable progress it has made within a year. I believe the school will be an ideal school in the future."

He ended his speech with a "Long live Nepal-Israel Friendship."

The Embassy said it was very honored and happy to be the part of Day Meal Program and contribute to this project. “We are hopeful to have similar collaborations in the future as well.”

Shanti Shikshya Mandir Madhyamik Vidhyalaya is a government school that runs the classes from Nursery to Grade 10. Most of the schoolchildren belong to the families of labor background and local vendors. The children often come to the school without having breakfast. Hoping that the free lunch provision at the school improves the nutrition, academic performance and attendance rate of the pupils, the donation was given last year and is continued this year too.

Shalom Club Nepal is the club of Shalom Club Members from Nepal, who have been to Israel to participate in the professional trainings/courses related to agriculture, medicine, education, entrepreneurship and other various fields, organized by MASHAV-Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.

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