Coronavirus Global Cases Top 300,000

Coronavirus Global Cases Top 300,000

March 24, 2020, 9:15 a.m.

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu said that more than 300,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in 189 countries and regions.

In Europe, there is still no sign of slowdown in the spread of the pandemic in the four hardest-hit countries -- Italy, Spain, Germany and France, as well as other countries.

By Monday, Italy still tops the list, with 63,927 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 6,077 deaths, followed by Spain, with 33,089 cases and 2,182 deaths. Germany came the third, with 22,600 cases and 86 deaths. France reported a total of 19,856 cases and 860 deaths.

Italy reports 602 new coronavirus deaths

According to Aljazeera, Italy has reported 602 new deaths from the coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total to 6,077 with the tally of cases in the country, a major hotspot, rising to 63,928. The number of reported deaths in the country dropped for a second day in a row, after on Saturday reaching an all-time high since the outbreak began of 793.

Aljazeera writes More than 15,400 people have died from COVID-19 globally. An estimated 100,000 of the 362,000 people who have been diagnosed with the disease across the world have recovered, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University

Xinhua news agency writes Switzerland reported 1,046 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, raising its total cases to 8,060, with death toll standing at 66.

Britain now had 6,650 confirmed cases and Austria, 4,424. Romania said it had 143 new cases on Monday, its biggest single-day jump, and five deaths. Albania witnessed 15 new cases in the past 24 hours.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday evening a series of measures that aim to restrict social contact in the UK to curb the spread of COVID-19. All shops except for food stores and pharmacies must be closed immediately, and meetings will not be allowed.

Greece entered a 14-day nationwide lockdown on Monday, while France toughened up its restrictions on people's movement outside home. And the confinement rules imposed last Tuesday might last longer.

The Netherlands government announced more measures on Monday, banning all meetings and gatherings and imposing fines for shops and people that do not obey the measures.

Romania has imposed a curfew since Sunday evening. Citizens are urged to stay at home as much as possible during day time.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared on Monday "We have to fight four battlefields simultaneously. We have to organize military, police, health and economic defenses."

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Monday night announced a total ban on unnecessary movement to stop the spread of the pandemic.


Chinese news agency Xinhua reports With the accelerating spread of the virus, which forced closures of stores, schools, businesses, sports events worldwide, Munich-based ifo Institute estimated on Monday that Germany, the largest economy in Europe, would suffer losses of hundreds of billions of euros due to the coronavirus crisis.

A partial shutdown of economic life in Germany for three months would cost at least 354 billion euros (381 billion U.S. dollars). Extending the partial closure would result in additional cost of 25 to 57 billion euros per week, ifo noted.

On Monday, German aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines announced to suspend a "large proportion of operations" across several facilities in Europe due to the pandemic.

The German government has approved the "largest aid package" in the country's history, worth 156 billion euros.

In Spain, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Nadia Calvino on Monday ruled out full economic shutdown despite the grim situation in the country, explaining that some sectors were vital in the struggle to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It is very important for workers to have the necessary means of security at their disposal, so they can continue with their activity," she said.

In the UK, the number of those who have died from the disease the virus causes, COVID-19, increased by 54, bringing the toll in the country to 335 among 6,650 cases. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered residents across the country to stay at home.

In the US, the number of cases surged past 35,000, with a death toll of 495, according to John Hopkins University data.

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