NIBL Launches Corporate Advisory Services

Reviewing the impact of COVID 19; NIBL Ace Capital launches two new product under Corporate Advisory Service for business/entrepreneur

May 26, 2020, 1:14 p.m.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited has been offering Advisory Services for two years to provide comprehensive financial and strategic advice to our clients with multi-dimensional business needs.

Our teams at NIBL Ace Capital Limited believe that the complexities of managing and achieving the varied financial goals of our clients require trusted professionals whose expertise enables them to look beyond just the finances and formulas.

Amidst falling world economic indicators, economists are worrying whether Covid-19 will deteriorate the global economy. In this globalized world we can’t remain apart from the impact of the deteriorating global economy due to this pandemic. Reviewing the impact of Covid-19, NIBL has launched two advisory product targeting business/entrepreneur that has been impacted by the pandemic.

  • Business Assessment and Impact Analysis
  • Startup set up and Capital Funding

Business Assessment and Impact Analysis:

Opportunities and Threats are part of a business environment. The best strategic planning is cashing the opportunities and combating the threats to add significant value to the business. Currently the whole world is facing COVID-19 as a big business threat. So to cope up with these challenges we are here to assist you to combat COVID 19 impact on your business via our new advisory product “’ Business Assessment and Impact Analysis” by performing a business assessment of your company and suggesting with alternative solution as well as assisting in capital raising for your business.

Startup set up and Capital Funding:

Amidst COVID 19 pandemic breakout and days lockdown, you might have come up with new business ideas but your ideas might have been locked down due to financial access constraint. So, NIBL Ace Capital Corporate Advisory Service is here to breakdown the lockdown between your innovative ideas and financial access constraint by its new advisory product “Startup set up and Capital Funding”. “Startup set up and Capital Funding” is the key to materialize your entrepreneurial dream where we will assist you by Market Assessment, Financial Feasibility & Capital Raising.

Apart from Advisory Services, NIBL Ace Capital renders services in the field of fund management that include the NIBL Samriddhi Fund-1, NIBL Pragati Fund, and the first-ever open-ended mutual fund of Nepal: NIBL Sahabhagita Fund and Portfolio Management Services.

In addition, NIBL Ace Capital also renders a comprehensive and wide range of services in the field of Registrar companies from various sectors such as Commercial banks, Development bank, Finance, Life Insurance, Non-life insurance, Microfinance, Hydropower, Manufacturing and processing and others, Depository Participants and Issue & Sales management services.

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