Coca-Cola And CREASION Provides Assistance To 3200 Waste Workers

An initiative by CREASION and supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation successfully accomplishes its target of providing assistance with ration and safety gears to 3200 waste workers.

July 22, 2020, 7:06 p.m.

CREASION and Coca-Cola in Nepal has successfully concluded its relief efforts towards waste workers which have resulted in reaching out to 3212 waste workers through the distribution of safety gears and ration packages and conducting safety awareness programs across Nepal.

The Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project (WWERP) which commenced on 15th May, is a joint initiative by CREASION and Coca-Cola in Nepal as a response to ensure the safety and livelihood of waste workers who are equally at the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The final phase of distribution was carried out in Siraha reaching out to 370 waste workers where 300 packages of standard ration, medicines, awareness materials and 70 safety gears which include gloves, boots and PPEs were distributed. Along with the relief distribution, medical consultations and general hygiene awareness were also provided. The event was conducted in the facilitation of local government officials of the area.

Furthermore, the team also conducted a Hospital Awareness Session for the sanitation workers who are working in the isolation wards of Bhaktapur Hospital. The awareness session was led by the team’s medical officer, Dr. Nimesh Khanal for over 30 sanitation workers.

The WWERP project came to completion last week and has successfully organized 64 relief distributions which have directly benefited 3212 waste workers. During this period, a month’s ration packages adequate for a family of five members were distributed resulting in over 16000 beneficiaries. Additionally, 770 safety gears have been distributed along with awareness programs and medical consultations.

The project was initiated in a response to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to positively benefit 3200 waste worker beneficiaries across Nepal. The project has completed all distributions in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Chitwan, Parsa, Saptari and Siraha districts as committed. The team now further works on monitoring and understanding the impacts of the project execution and how much the beneficiaries were benefited from this project.

Speaking about the project, Aanand Mishra, Founder and President, CREASION said, “Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project (WWERP) introduced in response to COVID-19 was an important initiative to acknowledge and respect the contributions of waste workers in the time of the pandemic. Although our immediate intervention for them through WWERP has successfully concluded, the strive for their well- being and safety continues. Our gratitude and acknowledgment to all the stakeholders who were involved in the project to provide assistance to our waste workers. Together we hope we can ease the lives of our waste workers in the long run as well and assure them the respect and dignity they deserve.”

Ambuj Singh, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal shared, “this initiative with CREASION is a part of Coca-Cola in Nepal's pledge of Rs 8 crores towards the fight against Covid-19. We are glad that we have delivered our commitment of reaching 3200 waste workers and we hope that our relief efforts have supported them during such tough times. They deserve our gratitude for all of the work they are doing and serving us and the environment.”

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