DR. JAGADISH LAL BAIDYA A Surgeon’s Confessions

Recently released biography of Dr. Jagadish Lal Baidya is a book of life, struggle and institution making

Feb. 24, 2022, 10:50 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 15, No. 13, Feb.18, 2022 (Falgun 06,2078) Publisher and Editor: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

As French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau says in his book Confession, an autobiography, “General abstract truth is the most precious of all blessings; without it, man is blind; it is the eye of reason.”

Going through recently published book Jagadish Ka Pailaharu of renowned Nepali surgeon Dr. Jagadish Lal Baidya, one can find honest illustrations of experiences of life, profession, draw backs, successes and achievements of Dr. Baidya.

The book gives an impression that what he has expressed are the truth of society and his life and his friendship with Dr. Ashok Kumar Baskota. He is honest about partnership, friendship and personal attachment with Dr. Baskota.

Founders of B& B Hospital, Dr. Baidya and Dr. Baskota have equally played a role to build private institutions to offer quality medical facilities within the country. In some way, Dr. Baidya also speaks of the contribution of his friend Dr. Baskota to make this happen.

At the last leg of his medical career, he faced the most difficult time when her wife was infected with Covid-19 and remained for 60 days in ICU in critical conditions. His die-hard friend Dr. Baskota, who became a spiritual practitioner and a great believer, came to save his wife as well.

In the presence of many guests including his wife, family members, relatives, professional colleagues and friends, Dr. Baidya was suddenly emotional while explaining to audiences with tears how his friend Dr. Baskota saved his wife from death and gave her life.

His expression itself was a testimony of the content used in the book expressed from his inner heart and truth. He has seen many dramatic and dreaded situations in the life of his patients. As a surgeon, he has seen people getting life after his intervention and sometimes trauma of patients.

As a surgeon of his standing with so much of good relations with all, he had not imagined that he would have to face deadly and traumatic times in his life, such as living under a gun on his temple for hours, listening to demand of ransom of over 20 million rupees.

Dr. Baidya was born in Pokhara and grew up right in front of Machhapurchre. But he has spent most of his academic and professional life in Kathmandu and United Kingdom. In his narration, he has honestly confessed to all these events of his personal and family life.

Former chief justice and chairperson of National Human Rights Commission Anup Raj Sharma unveiled a book Jagadishka Pailaharu (Steps of Jagadish), bio-graphy of Professor Dr. Jagadish Lal Baidya, a renowned surgeon and co-founder of B and B Hospital, amid a special function.

Unveiling the biography, former chief Justice Sharma, who is also a class friend of the author, said that the book is very interesting to read which narrates the important period of Nepal through an eye of Dr. Baidya.

Dr. Jagadish Lal Baidya book 3.jpg

In his facilitation address, Dr. Ashok Kumar Baskota, the co-founder of B & B Hospital, said, “I am proud of my journey with my partner Dr. Baidya. His book also narrates the state of our journey.”

Published by Ghostwriting Nepal, the book Jagadishka Pailaharu not only tells the personal story of Dr. Baidya but also talks about the state of society, medical sector and institution building.

“This book includes dreadful events and interesting parts of life of my friends Dr. Baidya,” said Dr. Baskota in his statement.

Reviewing the book, Dr. Surndra K.C highlighted the important parts of the book and its weaknesses. “This book explains the dreadful events of his life when his entire family was locked in a room with a demand of ransom of Rs.20 million ten years back,” said KC. “The book also tells the brighter side of the story as well.”

In his statement, Dr. Sundermani Dixit said that this book tells of many events of Nepalese society of past 70 years. “Dr. Baidya is a touring personality who has a friend like Dr. Baskota. Dr. Baidya and Dr. Baskota are like Ram and Laxman.”

Dr. Jagadish Baidya Book release.jpg

He said that the success of B And B is a concept and hard work of spiritual Dr. Baskota and Materialist Dr. Baidya. In his statement, the author said that the aim of writing this book is to share his experiences with new generation.

“This book consists of my struggle and success,” said author Dr. Baidya. Dr.Baidya said that I have to add few more chapters including Covid-29 because my wife is still suffering from post-Covid situation.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Charity organization Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC) Banepa.

Publishing the book, Dr. Baidya has contributed to the building of the history of contemporary Nepal and Nepalese society.

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