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Advertisement Rate for New Spotlight {Print}

 Back full Page (Color)                                 Rs. 30,000.000

 Back and Front inside Full Page (Color)       Rs.  25,000.000

 Inside Full Page (Color)                                    Rs. 25, 000.000

Advertisement Tariff for SPOTLIGHT {Online} 

 Acceptable Ad format:

Image (jpg/gif)

Rich media/Flash enabled Recommended Animation Length (30 Seconds)

 Size and Price

Side Bar:  250x250 Pix Monthly Rs. 10,000.00

Top Section: 728x90 Pix Monthly Rs. 20,000.00

Below Article 468X60 Px Monthly: 15,000.00


•        Advertiser is responsible for all standard banner creative and rich media fees

•        Advertisers are held accountable for all ad content.

•        We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate advertising campaigns that do not follow our guidelines.

•        Rates and standards are subject to change without advance notice.

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 *13% VAT shall be charged additional.