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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

 Any person (User) who has access to the digital edition of the newspaper known commercially as Spotlight through the website www.spotlightnepal.com, acknowledges and voluntarily is subject to the following:

Brand and Copyright

The marks Spotlight, copyright, and industrial property, as well as the domain names, designs and software programs Spotlight, with their logos, literal, auditory, multimedia elements and their characteristics.

Through the website www.spotlightnepal.com, the user may have access to all types of information,  editorials, graphics, images, multimedia material or data, so that the user acknowledges that he cannot modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works, assign or sell any information, products or services obtained from the website www.spotlightnepal.com without prior authorization in writing by spotlight .

 Conditions of use of the site

The information hereby provided is for information only and is for reference purposes. Any query that requires an official response must be made at the offices or sites determined for that purpose.

Subscription Process
Where: The Service may be purchased through the Website or by phone or walk into spotlight office.
Price of Service:The contracting price of each publication service is always clearly determined on the website at the time that the user proceeds. The price of the Service in the various modalities will be: Subscription spotlight: Rs1500.00 Annually
* Prices quoted include VAT applicable.

 Currency and means of payment

All payments will be made in cash, check or credit card, following the instructions given during the steps of the payment process. The payment to Spotlight will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period unless the Subscriber incurs the Subscription Service withdrawal as indicated.

If the user has any doubts about the payment, if there has been an irregularity in the payment method employed, if you believe that someone has used your payment information improperly, you should contact Spotlight Team through the channels that are placed at your disposal indicated on the website.

 Price change

Spotlight can modify Subscription Service price at any time with 10 day’s notice to the Subscriber. The price changes of the Subscription Service will take effect at the beginning of the next subscription period after the date of the price change.

Termination by Subscriber

The Subscriber may withdraw from the Service by communicating to spotlight expressing the cause for the termination of the withdrawal at least 7 days before the date of renewal of the Contract. Subscriber's right to access the Subscription Service through the Website will automatically cease from the date of effect of the termination or expiration of the Service,


Spotlight Unit will keep the Subscription Service operational. However, certain technical difficulties or maintenance services may arise which may involve temporary interruptions in respect of which Spot Light unit does not assume any type of responsibility.

 Uses of the Services

The Subscriber acknowledges and voluntarily agrees that its use of the Subscription Service will be made under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Subscriber at all times.

The Subscriber will use the Subscription Service in full compliance with the General Conditions of the Website, Subscription Terms, the Privacy Policy and any applicable regulations. The use of the Subscription Service and any of its elements is limited to the personal, exclusive, private, non-chargeable, non-collective, non-commercial or non-transferable use of the Subscriber.

Technical Requirements

To ensure optimal performance of the Subscription Service, we recommend:

PC with the following minimum configuration:
CPU: Pentium 4 with 2Ghz
RAM: 1 GB with at least 256 MB of free RAM
Display resolution: 1024 x 768
Hard disk: 110 MB free hard disk for installing Java plug-in
Connection:  Minimum 156 kbps

* Systems with CPU or RAM lower than those mentioned could affect the performance   of the website.

 IOS: All iPad models with iOS 5 or higher.
Android: version 2.2 onwards

Using the Website

The contents included in the Website are provided only to consumers or end users. Any unauthorized commercial use of the same, or resale is prohibited unless you have the prior written permission of Spotlight

Rules of Participation

·       In no case will publication of content manifests or promotes hate, contempt or discrimination on the basis of birth, race, sex, religion, nationality, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance be permitted.

·       In no case attempts to impersonate third parties or the publication of private contact information will be tolerated in any way whatsoever.

·       Neither messages that contain spam nor those with links to sites that have anything to do with the reason for the conversation will not be approved.

·       Polite messages are sought for an exchange of views, so personal attacks and messages not related to the conversation will not be allowed.

·       To avoid repeated comments, it is recommended that you first read a conversation before you participate in it.

·       The Registered User are responsible for all the manifestations on the internet just like in any other place.

·       The messages of the Registered Users do not necessarily correspond with our editorial line.

·       The Website reserves the right to suppress for any reason and without previous notice, any information or content generated in the spaces of participation.

·       The Web site provides a tool for reporting inappropriate messages or content accessible through a button enabled for this purpose.

Responsibility and warranties

·       Spotlight does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness or accuracy of the services or the information disseminated through the Website.

·    Spotlight does not guarantee nor is responsible for:

o    the functioning of the Website;

o   the continuity of the Contents of the Website;

o   the absence of errors in said Contents or the correction of any defects that may occur;

o    the absence of viruses and/or other harmful components on the Website or on the server that supplies it;

o   the invulnerability of the Website and/or the impracticability of the security measures adopted therein;

o   the lack of usefulness or performance of the contents of the Website;

o   damages or damages caused to yourself or a third party by any person who violates the conditions, rules, and instructions that Spotlightestablishes on the Website or through breach of the security systems of the Website. However, Spotlightdeclares that it has diligently taken the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of the technology, to guarantee the functioning of the Website and to prevent the existence and transmission to the Users of viruses and other harmful components.


 Links to other Websites

·       In the Website, the User can find links to other web pages through different buttons, links, banners, etc which are managed by third parties. Spotlight does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the linked website.

·       Spotlight does not guarantee the legality, reliability, and usefulness of the services provided by third parties through the Website or on which Spotlight only acts as an advertising medium or intermediary service provider.
The relationships established between Spotlight Unit and the User will be governed by the provisions in the current legislation regarding the applicable law and the jurisdiction.

Cookies Policy

 Spotlight uses on this website the following cookies that are detailed in the following table:

Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain services expressly requested by the user: if these cookies are deactivated, you will not be able to correctly receive our contents and services.

Cookies will be used for following purpose

For the monitoring and statistical analysis of the behavior of all users,
For the management of advertising spaces based on criteria such as the frequency in which advertisements are displayed
For the management of Advertising spaces according to the specific profile of the user

 If these cookies are deactivated, the website may continue to function without prejudice that the information captured by these cookies on the use of our website and the success of the advertisements shown in it allows to improve Our services and obtain income that allows us to offer you free of charge many contents.

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