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The sustainability and update of the information portal on a regular basis is very vital to disseminate the updated information and knowledge to the stakeholders.

June 7, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -1 June. 6- 2014 (Jestha 23, 2071)

It is my pleasure to mention that' Go International'' is an EU funded project in which CNI is taking the lead role for enhancing trade capacity and internationalization of Nepalese products. The project is being implemented since January1, 2013 by CNI as a lead agency and World Vision Advocacy Forum (WVAP) as a national partner and Centric Austria international (CAI) as a European partner. The project is implemented in selected five regions. This initiation has been launched to support the Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS-2010) in line with the Trade Facilitation and Economy Capacity Building Sector of EU Nepal Country Strategy Paper (2007-2013) for improving trade and export opportunities for identified goods and services.

As well all are aware that the relation between Nepal and European Union is guided by its fundamental principles to achieve peace, stability, democracy, human rights and prosperity. The European Union including the EU Delegation and the EU Member states is the biggest provider of development aid to Nepal. There has been a significant increase in the volume of aid over the last four decades of EU cooperation which has seen important changes, reflecting the constant assessment and adoption of appropriate strategies required to maintain an effective development agenda.

CNI  as a representative organization of Nepalese private sector looking forward to be associated with European Union in more comprehensive way in the coming years so as to attain Nepal's overall socio-economic development. We all know there are ample of opportunities in Nepal for foreign investment in different sectors. In this endeavour, CNI would like to request EU through your Excellency to explore the possibility of large scale investment in Nepal especially in the industrial sector so as to encourage Nepalese export to European market. I am also confident that Nepal-EU cooperation will definitely be able to enhance the development initiatives taken by CNI for the overall development of Nepalese private sector.

This afternoon, we all are gathered here on this special occasion for launching this very important and valuable Website and its operation will be elaborated later. This website which is one of the important programs under Go International projects includes the integration of information on selected Nepalese Products and I am sure that I would be a great platform to bring Nepalese producers, exporters and importers of all over the globe especially from European Union together.

We all have observed that Nepalese economy even today is passing through a crucial phase circumscribed by poverty and stagnation. The macroeconomic indicator reflects that Nepal suffers from a sluggish economic growth rate compresses to 4.6 percent in the FY 2011/12.Nepal's foreign trade has so far been low and several factors seem to be responsible for the poor trade performance. Despite a marginal increase in exports in recent months increasing the volume of imports, balance of payment and trade gap is also widening. The factors such as lack of market mechanism information less access to technologies, lack of knowledge  etc is also adding more complexities. In this regards, this website could be an effective mechanism in sharing information to our producers and exporters with importers from other nations and I believe that it will certainly facilitate for the promotion of market in the European countries.

The sustainability and update of the information portal on a regular basis is very vital to disseminate the updated information and knowledge to the stakeholders. From the end,CNI is always ready to exert our best efforts to update the ,but without the support of European Union and Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, it wouldn't possible.Hence,I request both, European Union and Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, for the same level of support and cooperation in the coming days too.

On this occasion, I would like to urge Minister Sunil Bahadur Thapa to give special attention and priority to create the favorable atmosphere where our producers and exporters could export the Nepalese products by removing the barriers and complexities and come up with strategies and polices accordingly.

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