WWF Nepal Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of TGG And Launches New App

WWF Nepal Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of TGG And Launches New App

Feb. 14, 2019, 4:30 p.m.

WWF Nepal has celebrated the 5th Anniversary of The Generation Green (TGG) campaign and launches And App amid a function today at an event.

TGG is a platform that seeks to strengthen the engagement of Nepal’s youth in conservation and promote smart choices for the environment. Using this platform, WWF Nepal launched its “The Generation Green” mobile application that seeks to educate and empower youth on the values of biodiversity using gamification models.

Attended by over 50 participants including Gagan Thapa, Member of the House of Representatives, Anil Chitrakar, Dr. Aruna Uprety, Former Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha, and Ishani Shrestha, Dr Ghana S Gurung, Country Representative of WWF Nepal said, “the Generation Green Campaign has been a vital component of WWF Nepal’s work in conservation education and will be a critical element moving forward to achieve its vision of engaging 500,000 youth in conservation related activities addressing the program. "Through this we hope to build a skilled and empowered generation able influence and take actions keeping in mind environmental values and contributing to a future in which people can live in harmony with nature.”

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With Educate, Explore and Empower being the three main pillars behind TGG’s philosophy, the app has been designed reflect this and allows young people to understand various conservation components in an engaging and interactive manner. Consequently, top performers in the app will have the opportunity to initiate and take forward conservation related projects as they progress through the various stages of the app.

Member of Parliament Gagan Thapa, a Mentor of The Generation Green program stated that engagement with this campaign and the youth involved has helped him see various development issues from a different lens and has been quite significant.

In the last five years, TGG has grown to having 55,000 active members, and 2,50,000 eco club members. The event gathered collective ideas and suggestions for the future, keeping in mind past learnings and present initiatives. Other attendees at the event included representative from educational institutions, TGG mentees and implementing partners. About TGG

The Generation Green (TGG) is an ambitious youth engagement campaign of WWF Nepal, that seeks to strengthen the engagement of Nepal’s youth in conservation and promote smart choices for the environment. It aims to create a generation of Nepali youth, committed to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation that effectively engages and influences the wider stakeholders in conservation.

WWF is creating a nation-wide membership base of 500,000 youth, aged 16-26 years, engaging 50 prominent Nepali citizens as mentors to youth and building sustainable leadership.

It is also providing learning opportunities for the youth to build environmental and leadership competence and creating and facilitating opportunities for youth to participate in sustainable development and conservation activities and build their empowerment in the process.

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"WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, working in 100 countries for nearly half a century. WWF has been active in Nepal since the 1960s and remains committed to the vital work being done in the region to save its unique and irreplaceable biodiversity," said a press release issued by WWF-Nepal.

"With the support of almost 5 million members worldwide, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change. "

Photo courtesy to WWF-Nepal

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