New President: National Political Consensus For A Common Senior Person

That person should be fair, neutral and balanced, committed to republican democracy, a national figure who has contributed to Nepal's long struggle for democracy and republic should be selected in the role of reputed presidency.

Feb. 20, 2023, 7:28 p.m.

What kind of person should be a new president ? Elections and national political consensus both are very powerful and important in a democracy and parliamentary system. Common vision and common person will be the way forward for broader national unity, reconciliation and cooperation. PM Prachanda, Oli, Deuba, Paudel Nepal, Khanal, Bhattarai, Thakur Yadav, etc. should create a national political and gentle agreement for a common and consensus personality for a President this time

While considering the selection from among the political faces, one should be chosen to the top of the state as a qualified and educated person, a senior constitution and legal expert, with political, party, parliamentary, constitution drafting experience, committed democrat and who has good constitution knowledge for its effective implementation.

That person should be fair, neutral and balanced, committed to republican democracy, a national figure who has contributed to Nepal's long struggle for democracy and republic should be selected in the role of reputed presidency. He or she should be an experienced mature and honest person who can rise above the party and be a guardian and promoter of the constitution, republic, parliament, federalism, rule of law etc. New Chief of the State should be trusted and respected by everyone, that person needs to work to make and promote good relations, support and coordinate with all major political parties and leaders. He/ she should not be loyal to only certain senior party leaders or interest groups. Senior leaders should stop lobbying only for the power's and personal financial reasons..

Political integrity, Financial honesty and ethics must have been strong in the past while keeping the post with high dignity. Age is not the main reason, as 80-years-old Joe Biden of the Democratic Party in the USA is the current elected president- and he is healthy and active. Similarly, heads of the government and the state of countries like India, China, Russia and have exceeded 70 years of age. The most important matters are persistence, action and dedication. Mallikarajun Kharge, recently elected President of Indian National Congress, is also 80 years of age.

The lifestyle of the new head of state should be simple, stay away from any personal luxuries, and family interests. He/ she should reduce the unnecessary economic burden of the country as much as possible, should not be too close or far or be a strong loyalist of any senior party leaders/ political parties, factions, power centers, interest groups and political lobbyists but remain in neutral, fair, independent and impartial to all Many people of Madhes, Pahad, and Himal regions have still not got their Democratic and Constitutional rights.. Many Madhesi and other people, despite being Nepalese, have not received citizenship yet. All Nepalese should get their citizenship soon through the legal process. The Parliament should quickly pass a strong anti-corruption bill to keep the country free from corruption, for greater public interests and economic governance. This prestigious institution should be kept away from political tussles and transactions of major political parties and senior leaders. Political lobbying just for sake to remain in power should not take place.

This reputed office should be a strong binding and uniting force for all the Madhesi, Pahadi and Himali people and initiate for their constitutional rights basic health, education and employment. He/ she should not accept any senior party leaders/ political parties request/ decision for the personal/ party interests. Dissolution of Parliament and mid-term election by the PM should be right way rejected by the Head of State. It will keep the parliament and the government as stable and strong as possible and then the entire 5 years parliament tenure will function.well. It is necessary to have a distinguished personality nationally and internationally respected as the head of state. There should be a person who can maintain cordial , friendly and courtesy when meeting high foreign delegates, then they need to maximize their visits in Nepal for broader diplomatic and economic relations. He/she should raise the head with pride and prestige high along with all Nepali people . As a safeguard of the Constitution, the President has a very important role and responsibility in the implementation of the Constitution, the rule of law and justice and provide proper advice and guidance to all the main bodies PM, Parliament, Speaker and Chief Justice, Supreme Court etc. Not any leader should be chosen from any political party which was defeated in the last election, which will be against the sentiments of the voters and the people. Also not any leader should be selected only from demand and interest of any powerful countries like India, China and USA. But the person should maintain good diplomacy, foreign relations, cooperation and support for greater national economic benefits. with all major powers of the world. President should check and balance, support, assist and coordinate the executive, legislature and judiciary. None of these organs of the state should abuse or interfere with their rights and powers to one another. He/ she must be a true defender and champion of the Constitution, peace, prosperity and development. and should be a true nationalist and patriotic person.

After the restoration of multi-party parliamentary democracy, the parliament established in 1991 proceeded in a fair democratic and parliamentary ways. In that period government was of the ruling party and the parliament was of the opposition, that parliament was effective and active because of majority one party government and strong opposition.. Therefore, it can be believed that the country will move forward in its own interests if a senior person who can handle the extraordinary situation which is heading towards some difficulties. The role of the President in the Constitution is to promote, uphold and protect national unity, from the highest level to the lowest level, the implementation of the republic should be given top priority. The senior leaders should not choose someone who can be a rubber stamp, puppet or who can promote nepotism, favoritism, biasness and prejudice. He/ she should have knowledge/experience in the peace process as a dignified and distinct senior member of civil society who can negotiate and mediate well. Heinous crimes, brutal human rights abuses and tortures must finish as soon as possible to bring the remaining unfinished works of the peace process to a logical and satisfactory solution.

The person should be acceptable and trustworthy from current PM Prachanda, senior leaders Bhattarai, Vaidya, Badal, Mahara, Biplav etc. The 10-year-long war paved the way for the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the republican system, Thus immediate reliefs, employments and financial supports for families affected by the Maoist conflict, income and health care. Otherwise, why 10 years of violent war and conflict? Why so many innocent deaths, violence, terror, destruction and destroy of physical and public properties?

The new president of the Republic of Nepal should practice constitutional rights more practically, implement and strengthen it for long-term, He or she should be a visionary for a great economic development. Recently PM Prachanda reached a gentleman agreement with the UML and after the Nepali Congress gave a vote of confidence who is encouraged to last five years in Parliament and protect the constitution, Thus it is very appropriate to have a common personality respected by all. Greater national political consensus is achieved when all major political parties, NC, UML, Maoist Centers and Other parties/ leaders maintain confidence, trust and faith for a Chief of State. Many leaders of the Congress Deuba faction leaders and also other leaders Shekhar and Shashank Koirala are also in a line to seek an agreement and make consensus for the President. That kind of effort was also made during recent Speaker election as well. New President role will be as a mediator in national crises New president should promote national political thought and independent vision as a whole and collaboration with government, which need to promote and protect diversity, religion, inclusion and cultural identities.. The President should have the power to bind and unite the common people of all religions, cultures, castes, races, genders, communities regions and low economic status.

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