Lessons Not Learned

Feb. 23, 2013, 5:45 p.m.

Nepal's sixty-two years of experiences have shown political insatiability as an all-time feature irrespective of the political system and the constitution. In the process of modernization and liberalization, Nepal has already lost six constitutions and three political systems. Given the present political trends, it seems that the present constitution is also at stake. Be it an absolute monarchy, constitutional monarchy or republican order, regimes have faced the same situations and wiped out by the prolonged instability. One of the unfortunate parts of this saga is the failure of the civil society, political leaders and intellectuals to understand this reality. From generation to generation, we have been trapped in the same political situation. The recent political drama to go for a caretaker government under the sitting chief justice will also invite a similar situation. Nepal can manage its political instability if the political leaders vow not to repeat mistakes. We have decided to analyze the ongoing political scenario from alternative perspectives. The issue’s cover story features the abuse of street children. We have looked into the role of the institutions involved in protecting the children.

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