Arghakhanchi P.P.C. Cement Now In Nepali Market

Arghakhanchi P.P.C. Cement Now In Nepali Market

June 9, 2019, 9:16 p.m.

Arghakhanchi Cement Pvt. Ltd., which has been manufacturing the best quality O.P.C. cement has brought P.P.C. cement in the market from today considering the needs of the common consumers.

After meeting the criteria set by the Nepal Government, the company had received the N.S logo from the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology on June 7, 2019, the company has introduced the P.P.C. cement for the Nepali market.

To extend the success and consumers' trust in O.P.C. cement that the company has achieved in the past, and for the purpose of helping in the development of the nation, the P.P.C. cement manufacturing has been started.

The company has used the latest cutting edge VRM Machine under the Danish technology of FL Smith for the production of high standard cement. Also because limestone of their own source is used for producing clinker, there has been uniformity in the production of Arghakhanchi cement.

It is probably Nepal's first cement industry to produce O.P.C. and P.P.C. cement through two different production lines inside of one factory premise.

On the occasion of the launch of Arghakhanchi P.P.C. cement, the Former President of FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries) and Director of the company, Pashupati Murarka has said, "We have not made any compromises in the quality and weight of the cement. We have started production of the Arghakhanchi P.P.C. cement due to the new technology and the increasing demand of the customers. We have successfully achieved a new milestone in our commitment by providing high-quality products among dealers, consumers and constructors which will strengthen our trust and relationship.”

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