Solar Eclipse Effects On Rashi

Solar Eclipse Effects On Rashi

Dec. 26, 2019, 8:50 a.m.

Astrologers predicted that the Solar Eclipse has different effects on Rashi depending on the timing of birth and position of Rashi. Some Rashi will have to face greater impacts and some have less. We have reproduce drk Panchang’s analysis on solar eclipse of December 26 and its effect On Rashi

MeshaMesha । Aries

The occurrence of this eclipse will bring disrepute to Aries natives. They will find themselves in disgraceful and insulting situations. The mind will be distressed and anxious over some matter. There will be sleeplessness. Financial difficulties will increase. You should remain careful on the professional front too. Fatigue, lethargy and weakness will affect your health. Unnecessary disputes and arguments with relatives are possible.

VrishabhaVrishabha । Taurus

Taurus natives will face extremely painful and distressing circumstances due to the effect of this eclipse. Your health will deteriorate. There will be a fear of an accident. Anxiety, unnecessary fights and arguments, and discord with friends and relatives over small matters will further add to troubles. Take extra care of your health if you are already suffering from a disease. Follow a healthy routine and diet.

MithunaMithuna । Gemini

Gemini natives may face problems in their married life and business partnership due to the effect of this eclipse. There will be dissatisfaction in your married life as your life partner may not fulfill your expectations. Avoid disputes and misunderstandings if you have a joint venture. You will have to work hard to achieve positive results on the professional front. Remain undeterred and firm in front of your adversaries. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments with anyone.

KarkaKarka । Cancer

The occurrence of this eclipse will bring happiness and positivity in the life of cancer natives. You will enjoy excellent health and fitness. You will attain the desired victory over your enemies and adversaries. Appropriate efforts made in any work will yield excellent results. You will soon get in a position to repay all your loans and borrowed money.

SimhaSimha । Leo

The effect of this eclipse will cause extreme anxiety to Leo natives. Work done in haste and without careful consideration will yield negative results and also damage your reputation. Your carelessness may cause obstacles and setbacks in the ongoing projects or work. Indigestion and stomachache will affect your health. Carefully plan your journey. Avoid wasting money needlessly.

KanyaKanya । Virgo

The eclipse will bring tough and distressing times in the life of Virgo natives. Discord and disputes in the family will cause extreme anxiety, worries and anguish to your mind. Loss of wealth and property is also likely. There will be a fear of road accident and damage to the vehicle. The time will be troublesome for your mother as well. A small chest-related problem may affect your health and mental peace.

TulaTula । Libra

This eclipse will mostly have positive effects on Libra natives. There will be financial gains and positive outcomes in your undertakings. The journey taken during this time will prove successful. You will attain excellent success in the work at hand. Diligent efforts in your individual business will boost revenue and profit. Your relations with loved ones will further improve. Overall, you will have favourable circumstances on every front.

VrishchikaVrishchika । Scorpio

The effect of this eclipse will be negative on Scorpio natives. There will be losses instead of gains. You will face difficulties in earnings. Arguments and disputes will affect your relations with everyone, especially with your business partners. Mental restlessness will affect your efficiency and make it harder for you to implement your work as per the plan. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

DhanuDhanu । Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives must avoid getting injured during the eclipse period to remain protected from any imminent trouble. Due to the effect of this eclipse, harmony and understanding amongst your family members will also recede. Happiness and excitement in life will suffer. You will fear a lack of support from your wife and children. Your ignorant attitude towards health will negatively influence your physical well-being.

MakaraMakara । Capricorn

The eclipse may bring various inauspicious results in your life. The effect of the eclipse will cause despair and anxiety. Eye and legs-related problems may cause health troubles. Discord with friends and arguments with relatives will be common occurrences in your life. Your individuality and identity will suffer due to reasons out of your control. You will feel terribly helpless for not being able to focus on your work and due to an unknown fear in your mind.

KumbhaKumbha । Aquarius

The eclipse will bring beneficial circumstances and gains in the life of Aquarius natives. You will receive financial support from your friends as well as their cooperation in difficult work. There will be a significant increase in your overall income. There will be love and happiness from your children’s side as well. You will have excellent health with an improvement in chronic illness. Your acumen and insights will help you solve various problems that have been affecting your life.

MeenaMeena । Pisces

The eclipse will promptly bring happy and auspicious results in your life. You will also come into contact with influential people and their association will open various opportunities for you. You will have high repute, prestige and financial standing in society. Success in your important work is also likely. The auspicious effect of the eclipse will also bring position and authority in your life.

Effect of Dec 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse based on various astrological elementsSolar Eclipse

Eclipse Lord

The lord of this eclipse is Agni (fire). As a result, there will be plenty of rainfall, excellent harvest, and financial gains. There will be end of fear and diseases; and accomplishment in all the endeavours of a King.


This eclipse will occur during the Uttarayana period. This will cause Brahmin, Kshatriya and cows to suffer for the next six months. Also, food items and grains become dearer due to the effect of this eclipse.

Lunar Month

This eclipse is going to occur in the month of Margashirsha (Pausha as per Purnimanta calendar). The effect will cause suffering in regions such as Kashmir, Kaushal, Paundra, and Aprantaka. It will also cause loss of cattle. There will be distress to alcohol addicts. On the other hand, it brings plenty of rainfall and auspiciousness and general well-being in the life of people. The perfume and fragrance market will be upbeat during the eclipse time. Commodity items such as grains, jaggery, raw sugar, oil and oilseeds, and Ghee will also exhibit upward trends.


This eclipse will occur on Thursday. As a result, people who are truthful; lead a clean and hygienic life, make unique objects and artefacts, and citizens of the Sindh region suffer due to the effect of this eclipse. Investing in and stocking of yellow, red and aromatic items, and oil during the eclipse period will return profit after four months.

Similarly, stocking of sesame, oil, castor, mustard, black-coloured garments, Swarak will also return profit after four months. Yellow-coloured items, oil and oilseed, dry fruits, and aromatic items will become costly due to the effect of this eclipse.


This eclipse will occur when the Mula Nakshatra will be prevailing. This will bring distress in the life of wealthy people and leaders. People who deal in seeds, flowers, medicines, fruits, root vegetables will suffer due to the effect of this eclipse.

Stocking of rice for commercial purpose will return profits after five months. Items such as sugar, jaggery, raw sugar, Jowar, millet will get costlier and the price of rice will surge after the five months.

Nakshatra Direction

The prevailing Nakshatra during this eclipse represents west direction. Therefore, due to the effect of the eclipse, the western regions face calamities such as famine, fire accidents, war, robbery, and epidemic.

Nakshatra Mandal

The prevailing Nakshatra during this eclipse represents Varun Mandal. As a result, the eclipse will cause plenty of rainfall, auspiciousness, high yield of fruits and flowers, an increase in cattle yield. There will be happiness in the life of common people and peace amongst world leaders.

The effects of Varun Mandal is noticeable within the five months of the eclipse.


This eclipse will occur during the Vriddhi Yoga. The effect will cause distress to upright people, Kings, family-oriented people, overly-zealous individuals, and the citizens of Kamboj region.


This eclipse will fall under the Sagittarius sign. This phenomenon will cause distress to ministers, best breed of horses, wrestlers, businesspeople, warriors, and doctors. Regions like Videh and Punjab and pharmacists will face miserable time due to the effects of this eclipse.

Sky Division

As this eclipse will touch the first part of the sky, it will cause distress to scholars, farmers, Brahmin, ironsmiths, goldsmiths, confectioners, roasters and bakers, those who perform religious sacrifices like Yagya, intelligent people and those who have entered Vanaprastha Ashram (retired from family responsibilities).

If the eclipse touches the fore or the front part of the sky then the eclipse causes troubles to youngsters, those who perform religious sacrifices like Yagya, aquatic species and the owners of elephants.


As the eclipse will touch the east direction, the effects will cause excessive rains, distress to the sons of a King, and women.

Grasan Masa

At the time of the eclipse, the Sun will be one-third, one-fourth and half visible from different regions. This phenomenon is called Grasan Masa. Due to the effect of Grasan Masa, the eclipse will cause distress to the King and the people of the Sfit region. Also, there will be a loss of money and wealth due to the effect of the eclipse.


This eclipse will have a red, black or a coppery hue (Tamra Varna). This effect will cause the destruction of crops due to lightning. Red hue of the eclipse is considered inauspicious for Kshatriya people, while black for Shudra and coppery for other Varna.

Set Planet

Set Mercury effect - The planet Mercury will be set during this eclipse. This phenomenon will cause the inhabitants of the region that lies between two rivers; regions around river Saryu; Nepal; stretch of sea in the east direction; women; King; children and scholars to face distressing circumstances.

Set Saturn effect - The planet Saturn will also be set during this eclipse. This will cause the inhabitants of the regions of Marwar, Pushkar, Sorath, Abu, Gomant, and the mountain regions to face distressing circumstances. The prices of all the metals will see an uptrend.

Moksha Phal

Moksha is the period when the eclipse ends.

Grahan Moksha Phal - The effect of Grahan or ageing Moksha will cause famine. A fear of impending war also causes apprehension in the mind of people.

Kala Phal - The effect of this eclipse will be noticeable within the six months. The effect will bring wellbeing, good fortunes, health and auspiciousness in the world.

Utpaata Phal - When a meteor (Quadrantids) falls within the 9 days after the eclipse Moksha period, Utpaata Phal occurs. This occurrence will bring inauspicious results for ministers.

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