Nepal's 2081/82 Policy and Programme, Parliament Obstacles:Some Perspectives

Nepal's 2081/82 Policy and Programme, Parliament Obstacles:Some Perspectives

May 16, 2024, 12:04 p.m.

The government has recently presented the policy and program for the financial year 2081/82.President RamchandraPaudel has presented the policy and program at the joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly on Jestha 1st.

It is the practice of the president to present the government's policies and programs before presenting the budget for each fiscal year in both houses of the federal parliament. Accordingly, the President will address the federal joint meeting at the International Conference Center New Baneshwar afternoon.The program is planned to be attended by heads of constitutional bodies, high-ranking officials of the Government of Nepal, heads and representatives of diplomatic missions in Nepal, industrialists/businessmen, prominent people of the society and media persons.

It left an impression on the public that the trust of the citizens towards the big political parties was breaking.But the recent by-elections have shown that this is wrong and the country's economy has not performed as expected

Deadlock in Parliament

In the context of the Parliament of Nepal, impasse refers to a deadlock or stalemate in the functioning of the Parliament due to the incompetence of the government and the opposition on a particular issue.A deadlock can occur when there is a complete breakdown in communication and cooperation between the ruling party and the opposition and the work of the legislature cannot be conducted effectively.

In such a situation, the normal functioning of the Parliament is disrupted, the important legislative, debate and decision-making processes are halted.

Deadlocks can arise for a variety of reasons, such as disagreements over policy issues, procedural issues, or political differences between the government and opposition parties. When a deadlock occurs in Nepal's parliament, it can seriously affect the country's governance, as it hinders the passing of important bills, budgets and other legislative measures.

After the presentation of the policy and program, it became public that it was discussed that the disruptions would be maintained until the demands of the opposition were met. Remember, the Congress has been demanding the formation of a parliamentary inquiry committee on cooperative .

Earlier, the Prime Minister had recently asked to present policies and programs in discussions with Nepali Congress leaders.Similarly, the Prime Minister also said that he is positive to form an inquiry committee as per the demand of the Congress.

Resolving deadlocks often requires dialogue, negotiation and compromise to break the deadlock between different political parties and restore the normal functioning of parliament. It is important to note that disagreements and debates are a natural part of the democratic process, but prolonged deadlocks can disrupt the work of parliament and hamper the government's ability to address important issues facing the country.

Current country's economy

Recently, there have been some signs of improvement in the country's economy.Looking at indicators such as the balance of payments, inflation, remittance inflow, foreign exchange reserves, trade deficit, it seems that the economy is moving towards certain rhythms.

In Nepal, most of the economic and financial indicators have been positive during the nine-month review period of the financial year 2080/81 by Nepal Rastra Bank.

According to the current economic and financial status report of the country based on the data of nine months of the current financial year 2080/81 published by Nepal Rastra Bank, it is seen that the economic and financial indicators have caught the rhythm of improvement.

According to the statistics of the nine months of the financial year 2080/81, consumer inflation in 2080, the annual point consumer inflation was 4.61 percent.

In the same period of the previous year, such inflation was 7.76 percent.Inflation of food and beverages group was 5.21 percent and inflation of non-food and services group was 4.14 percent during the month under review.

It should be in a way that the people can feel it, if it is only shown by the data, then the process of collecting the data should also be reviewed.

Inflation based on consumer price index on annual point basis is 4.61 percent. Imports have decreased by 2.8 percent, exports by 3.7 percent and total merchandise trade deficit by 2.8 percent.

Remittance inflows increased by 19.8 percent in Nepali rupees and 17.7 percent in US dollars. The current account position is in surplus by Rs. 365 billion 160 million.

The total foreign exchange reserve is Rs. 1911 billion 86 million and 14 billion 36 million in US dollars. In this situation, the government is preparing for the next year's policy, public program and budget.

It is a harsh reality that the common man should believe that the problem can be solved. When the economy is in recession or not running, the government has announced policies and programs to bring the budget for the next fiscal year 2081/82 in order to achieve long-term, broad and inclusive economic growth.

A special program related to production increase and job creation has been announced. As in the continuation of last year, along with infrastructure development, it is expected that there will be an integrated project related to the strengthening of the rural economy, productivity increase and job creation. Creating optimal information is the main challenge

Policy and Program: Specialization Presenting the principles and priorities of the government for 2081/82 in the Parliament, the President said that the economy has improved and the interest rate has improved and the investment environment is getting ready.

He said that the breakthrough of "Sunkoshi Marine Diversion" , development in tourism, agriculture has been done .

According to the 16th periodic plan of Nepal, it is said that policies and programs have been formulated. It is said that the peace process will be brought to a logical conclusion. It is also mentioned about the procurement law, public policy.

The old thing has been said, similarly in agriculture, the aim is to give a new slogan of "Investment Decade" in agriculture. He said that the tax system will be organized and strengthened in the next fiscal year and will increase the scope.

Presenting the policy and program for the fiscal year 2081/82, President Paudel said that the range of revenue will be increased to make internal resources sustainable.

Similarly, he said that the informal business sector will be connected to the formal sector, the tax system will be improved, and the efficiency of revenue administration will be increased by making maximum use of modern technology.

It is also said that the international payment service system will be arranged through electronic system by increasing the inter-operability .

Prevention and Control of Corruption

The President has said that after the formation of the current government, effective work has been started to control corruption. He said that the hope and trust of citizens has increased with the efforts to control corruption. He said that by publicizing the policies and programs of the government, the scope of will be widened by making the revenue administration more agile.

It is said to reduce the business cost of the tax payer, arrange the payment system by electronic medium. It is said that microfinance loans will be rescheduled, "Country rating" will be done, a specialized organization will be established for cooperatives, and programs aimed at the poor will be conducted in an integrated manner.

It is mentioned that the program about its change in relation to climate change including water and air will be used diplomatically after receiving international support.

It is said that about industry, entrepreneurship and most of the programs of last year will provide facilities to about 1000 people in start-up.

It is said that arrangements will be made to encourage entrepreneurs who have returned from employment.

In coordination with the private sector, the 'Business Incubation Center' will be operated in all seven provinces. To improve the overall environment of the industrial sector, the government will make the laws and regulations of the industrial sector up-to-date.

The government has also announced to encourage the private sector in the construction and operation of industrial zones, special economic zones and industrial districts. The government has also announced that the program of the government sector will be promoted in order to develop entrepreneurship and self-employment.

In addition, the government has also put forward programs such as "Make in Nepal" and "Made in Nepal" as a campaign, to encourage natives and foreigners for mining in mining areas.

It seems that the government has also announced that it will improve the current legal structure for the availability of necessary materials needed for development while protecting and properly utilizing forest, mine and mineral resources. Similarly, the government has also said that it will proceed with the environmental impact assessment by preparing a detailed project report for potential mines including magnesite, phosphorus and iron.

Similarly, the government seems to have taken the goal of completing the Dailekh petrol mine extraction in the next fiscal year, which is welcome. The government has also announced that it will provide concessional loans to at least 1,000 youths to start a startup in the next financial year. It has been announced that young people who have returned from foreign employment will be encouraged to establish and operate domestic and medium industries. Although it is said that concessional loans will be provided to at least 1,000 youths to become micro, domestic and small entrepreneurs in the coming year.

The government has also taken forward plans such as encouraging diplomatic delegations and international organizations to increase the international use of Nepali products, providing quality testing labs, and revising laws related to intellectual property.

Similarly, the government has planned to advance the completion of DodharaChandni dry port, and to take initiatives to reduce trade costs in coordination with the neighboring country India.

It is said that capacity will be enhanced in areas such as making bilateral agreements with countries that have trade potential, export strategy, research, etc.

It is announced by the President that the crops and goods that can be exported will get geographical indications. It is necessary to make the government expenditure frugal while making the economic administration more transparent.

In addition, while protecting the interest of the savers of banks and financial institutions, arrangements should be made for credit investment in the productive sector, which will be addressed in the budget.

It is clear that one opportunity for the government to show itself popular is the budget and the other opportunity is its implementation.

The country is a welfare state. It is said that there will be no double ownership, including Guthi. It is said that electric stoves will be given to the poor.

The government has announced that it will be self-sufficient in fruit, livestock and fisheries by certain time frame .He said that he has set a goal of achieving complete self-sufficiency in fruit production within five years and in livestock and fish production within two years.

Presenting the policies and programs of the government, the President said that services related to shipping and measuring will now be done at the local level.It is said that the real estate business will also be managed, and the President's Chure program will also be made effective. In the past, malpot and measuring services were available only from the district administration office.

The government has claimed to solve the problems of 5 lakh landless squatters. In the past, the government's policies and programs have been commented as "no destination".

Since this year's policy and program has been presented by the coalition government, there should be no doubt about it. In the meeting of the House of Representatives, there are also those who say that the government's policy and program for the next year, the policy has been rhetoric.

According to the opinion of some people, it is a continuation of the old programs It is also mentioned in the principles and priorities to promote good governance and improve service delivery for the implementation of the policies taken by the government and increase the capacity of the state machinery to improve service delivery.

The government has adopted a policy that teachers teaching in public schools cannot be members of political parties.Emphasis on skill development, provision of multi-disciplinary schools in the province, review of labor support, full respect for foreign employment, it is said that those who go with skill will be encouraged.

Even though the goal of employing 1000 people is not an ambitious in itself, it cannot be said that providing foreign-level facilities and creating information will not be a challenge. Policies and programs should not smell of irresponsibility.

The policies and programs that have come in the name of recent documents, policy programs should be the conductors of stability and coherencein the country.

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