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Every private school, these days, tries to provide the best learning environment for their students. They appoint gold medalists and toppers as teachers

July 14, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -3 July 12- 2013 (Ashad 28, 2070)

A few years ago, when I used to be a 8th and 9th grade student, the only problem I had in studies was that I could not internalize the importance of the texts. The assignments given by the teachers used to be an obligation, not interest. Assignments were often a headache to me. Classroom was interesting because of exploration, discussion and presentation. But when it came to solving mathematics and science numerical problems, usually I walked a step back. Many friends could easily solve those problems, for which, I took more effort to understand. The teachers’ favorite ones used sit quietly without talking the whole period.  I used to think they were more intelligent, more talented and more active. But the fact was that when their turn for conversation with the teachers came, participating in the class, contests and other extra curricular activities, however, I used to be a bit more active than they were. Then I realized that, we all have the same mind but the thing is that how much effort you put to make its use. I was miles away from the reality that how much my friends did self practice.  Today I am not that much active in participating in extra-curricular activities but, ‘yes’ I have become a little more studious than I was in grade 8 and 9. May be the syllabus of A-level course requires more study work for practice. To go in the class without some information related to the topic affects me badly when the teachers cross me questions and ask me to present some things related to the particular chapter.

Correspondingly, spending one year in grade 10 was not much easy. TheSLC examination included questions from all the chapters from each book that have to be solved in a limited time period of 3 hours. The capability of students was approved by this examination only maybe that is why we call the SLC examination as the Iron Gate to success. This is not an obstacle for the private schools around the valley. But all the difficulty is for the students in the isolated areas without proper education facility. The student guided by tuition classes and facilitated byall the necessary materials also appear and get the same result as the one in the inaccessible place where  there is no regular classes. There is also the scarcity of teachers, sometimes a teacher has to teach many subjects.  It is a shameful matter that an English boarding school in the heart of the city has none of the students passing the SLC examination.

 In these situations some educationalists in Nepal criticize the SLC exam by mentioning its irrelevance in the present context and say that the test is neither standardized nor can it assess the capacity of Nepalese children.

Every private school, these days, tries to provide the best learning environment for their students. They appoint gold medalists and toppers as teachers. There, 30-50 students are present in the same class and one teacher guides them. The teachers apply the same way to teach the huge number of students. Some can follow the teacher at once but some students are badly hindered. Some of the students need more time and effort to understand the same topic. Some understand the lesson visually while some do orally. Instead of polishing the needy student, parents and teachers start to yell at the student. Expecting more from the weak one is the imprudence of both teachers and parents. If the student achieves a pass mark putting his/her full effort it’s a great achievement for him/her, this should be clear to the elders. But no, they run behind their children and force them and pressurize them to get many more marks only to maintain prestige within the society. This verve compels some of the innocents drop down and attempt suicide because they are not adequately capable to attain good marks. Many cases of suicide are seen and heard during the SLC results. It feels very much disappointing because the parents, who could have encouraged their child and be satisfied, feel nothing than regret.

These days the quality standard of the private schools differ from one to another. There are A-class private schools that are established, managed and run by charity organizations, companies, trusts or visionary individuals. The so-called private English boarding schools operated by business minded people in semi-furnished residential houses or even factory like tin shades, which are actually nothing more than teaching shops. A heavy rainfall is capable of making the school building a sewage pond, as the school buildings are built in the middle of crowded city where there is no open place, boundary, and surrounding. The schools are like a tall business tower situated by the side of road. To run a school in such a risky place, no one feels troubled, neither the parents nor the founders. All this is because of the business possible within education.  Natural calamities do not occur informing all the people. The main effect is experienced during the natural catastrophe because there is no place to be secured.

Curriculum shapes the boundary of objective of education. In order to meet the objective of education it is the right of a student to be involved in curricular activities, as well as extra curricular activities, to help them enhance the essence of learning. If one gets a low percentage, it’s not that he/she has ruined the life, there are many more ways to go with after the SLC. There are many people who failed to pass SLC and now have achieved higher goals today. If one pays more attention in other activities rather than study then the guardians should consider that it’s also the part of education and encourage their child to understand what they are and what they are doing. After all every parent wishes for the betterment of their children’s successful career.

Ritisha Khanal

Ritisha Khanal

Khanal is an intern

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