We Will Resist Army

PAMPHA BHUSHAL, spokesperson of the CPN-Maoist spoke to New Spotlight on the election agenda.

Oct. 6, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -8 Oct. 4- 2013 (Ashoj 18, 2070)

What will your party do in case the big four decide to go ahead with the election on November 19, 2013?

That will invite more bloodshed.  If the four parties don't listen to us, they will have to prepare to face the consequences. We have already announced an indefinite general strike for almost a week to prevent the election work from happening.

It is said that the CPN-Maoist would not contest the elections even if the four parties and the government accepted all your demands. How do you look at this comment?

This is a design for propaganda against our party. We are committed to elections. We are not in favor of boycotting elections. If the parties have the guts, they must fulfill our demands.

How can the chief justice resign when there is a provision in the constitution that only the CJ is eligible to lead the government?

What constitution are you talking about? If they can amend the constitution to mobilize Nepal Army, what is wrong to change such a clause for political consensus?

The four political parties have been saying that they will accept some of the demands if your party publicly expresses its commitment to elections?

We have been saying day and night that we are not against elections. What we want is a meaningful election. We must settle the issue of constitutional disputes before taking any decision on forms of government, restructuring of the state, Supreme Court and so on. Along with this, there is the need to have a political government to hold the election and roundtable meeting.

Is there any way to secure consensus?

If the four parties agree on our four demands, there is a possibility for political consensus.

The four parties and the government have been insisting that they cannot change the election date. How do you look at this?

It is their problem. Our party has already made it clear that there is no question of taking part in the elections unless they fulfill our basic demands. Let’s see how they hold the elections.

Since the government has already recommended Nepal Army mobilization, alongside other security agencies, how do you hope to cope with the coming situation?

We will fight legally and morally. The decision of mobilization of army is against Peace Agreement. This is not part of our interim constitution. Till the writing of the new constitution, no one can mobilise the army. We have already written a letter to the UN Secretary General.  Even if the government decides to mobilize the army, we will make all efforts to resist the army and security agencies like the police.

Do you mean your party is still ready to boycott the elections on November 19?

That is our party's stand. There is no question to contest the elections which are going to end our sovereignty and independence.

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