"CPN-UML Can Pull Out Of Government"

As there are growing differences between CPN-UML and Nepali Congress, secretary of CPN-UML YOUGESH BHATTARAI threatens that his party may quit the government.

Aug. 17, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -5 August. 15- 2014 (Sharawan 30, 2071

How do you assess the performance of the government?

We are not happy with the performance of the government. Our ministers have complained that Nepali Congress ministers and prime ministers are functioning as a single party government, undermining the CPN-UML ministers.

What kind of performance are you talking about?

Look, there are a number of issues. For instance, the government is yet to recommend the names of 26 members for the Constituent Assembly. Similarly, the appointment of the ambassadors is yet to be made. The government is yet to appoint the secretaries in the various ministries. Nothing is moving in the right direction and there is no indication that the government will change its position any time soon.

If the situation continues, what stand will the CPN-UML take?

We are considering pulling out our ministers from the present government. If the prime minister undermines our concerns, there is no sense to be part of the coalition. Our central committee meeting, slated for August 12, will take this decision.

That means your party is seriously considering withdrawing the support?

Our stand is crystal clear that Nepali Congress needs to change its present style of working and ministers and prime minister need to work as per the spirit of the coalition. There is no sense to continue with the government which does not respect the coalition partners.

Nepali Congress leaders are blaming that your party is raising a non-issue for parliamentary reconfirmation of president and vice president now. Instead of concentrating on constitution writing, why is your party taking the issue?

We are just reminding Nepali Congress to fulfill its commitments signed before the formation of the government to reconfirm the president and vice president from the Legislature Parliament.  This is the written agreement between Nepali Congress and CPN-UML.

As Nepali Congress has already made it clear that there is no question to reconfirm the president and vice president before the promulgation of new constitution in February, how do you look at this?

Reconfirmation of the president and vice president from Legislature-Parliament is the bottom line of our party. If Nepali Congress declines our offer, the present coalition will collapse. CPN-UML will pull out of the coalition government.

If CPN-UML and Nepali Congress indulge in this kind of petty issue, what do you think will happen regarding the pledge to promulgate the new constitution by February 2015?

Whether there is this government or other government, we are committed to promulgate the new constitution by February 2015. It is unconstitutional to promulgate the new constitution by a president who was elected by dissolved parliament. President and vice president must secure reconfirmation from Legislature Parliament to legitimize their authority.

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