Practical Action Has Implemented BICAS Successfully: Member Secretary Poudel

Practical Action Has Implemented BICAS Successfully: Member Secretary Poudel

Jan. 27, 2019, 3:55 p.m.

Member Secretary of Social Welfare Council Rajendra Kumar Poudel said that BICAS project has shown the way how to work jointly through the partnership among government offices, local bodies, NGOs, CBOs and INGO for the betterment of rural life in Nepal.

Addressing the learning sharing workshop of BICAS Project, which was implemented by Practical Actions South Asia in five districts of Far-western Province and Karnali Province, member secretary Poudel said that the experiences of BICAS project can be replicated in other parts of Nepal.

He also said that Practical Action has shown how civil society, elected bodies of local and provincial levels and central government can work in better coordinated way for the benefits of the poor people of remote parts of Nepal.

Member Secretary thanked Practical Action and donor partners European Union, Jersey Overseas Aid and other local stake holders including the local levels supporting to make project a grand success.

Implemented by Practical Action Nepal in collaborating with local government institutions, local level and local NGOs in five districts Bajhang, Bajura, Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu, BICAS was launched in February 2016 and concluded in January 2019.

Under Building Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Capacity of CSOs in Agriculture and Forest Sectors (BICAS), Practical Action has made interventions in order to enhance capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to contribute towards governance and development of agriculture and forest based economy in mid and far-western parts of Nepal.

Dipak Bikram Shah, mayor of Budhiganga Municipality of Bajura has said that his municipality is going to replicate the projects work implemented by Practical Action.

"BICAS is one of the most popular projects implemented so far in our area. There are a lot of pressures on us to retain this project. Practical Action has won the heart and mind of the people by implementing the project with their own initiative and involvement," said Singh. "The project has also shown a way how people can make livelihood better without seasonal migration in India. Mayor Singh thanked European Union, JOA and Practical Action for implementing such a project. He said that it has transformed the livelihood of one of the poorest people of his region.

Joint Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Tej Bahadur Subedi has said that ministry is open to work with development partners and INGOs in project like this to transform the livelihood of people. "Central government needs this kind of pilot project in the future to share with province and local levels." Subedi said that Ministry is grateful to European Union , JOA and Practical Action for implementing the the project to enhance the livelihood of people.

Dr. Rewati Raman Poudel, Deputy Director General of Department of Agriculture, said that this project is a good example to show how to link all three tires of governments, INGOs and CSOs to implement the livelihood projects. "Although this is at the exit stage, we can continue this kind of project in future.

Natalija Waldhuber, Junior Professional in Delegation of European Union to Nepal, said that healthy and vibrant civil society can immensely contribute to mobilize people at grassroots level to implement the project successfully. "I found the deep affection of people towards the project during my visit last April."

From the chair regional director of Practical Action South Asia Achyut Luitel said that BICAS implemented successfully at initial period of restructuring of Nepal. He also said that Practical Action is happy to work with all different tires of government and local people.

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Earlier Dr. Sujan Piya, Project chief of Practical Action, presented sharing success, approaches, cases and learning of BICAS Project in five districts of Far Western and Karnali province. He said that the project worked in the areas of agriculture and forest based subsistence economy, with high poverty, food insecurity and high rate of migration.

He said that commercialization of the agriculture is key to bring the transformation in the areas. He highlighted various approaches followed by the project during the implementation stage.

Attended by stake holders form various sectors, stake holders from the project areas also shared their experiences and success stories.

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