Eighty Nepali Entrepreneurs Attend Managing Workforce For Entrepreneurs

Eighty Nepali Entrepreneurs Attend Managing Workforce For Entrepreneurs

June 10, 2019, 6:31 p.m.

Founders of startups like Finlit Nepal, AdMana, GadgetByte along with over 80 entrepreneurs leading unique and innovative startups of Nepal attended the event ‘Managing Workforce for Entrepreneurs’ held at British Council Nepal Premises. The event was organized by Google Business Group (GBG) Kathmandu in main collaboration with Etihad Airways and British Council Nepal.

Two specific workshop sessions were held during the event. Kabin Pandey, Associate Director of Talent at Cloudfactory delivered a workshop on topic ‘Workforce Planning’ whereas Ashim Kharel, Head of Schools Program, British Council Nepal delivered another workshop on ‘21st Century Skills in Future Workforce’. The experts shared their experiences with the audience on how they have tackled HR challenges successfully and made the audience reflect on what skills are they looking in future graduates to help them in growth of individuals and company.

The event intended to bring entrepreneurs of young Nepalese startups together in a single platform to seek insights from experiences of experts and fellow entrepreneurs on managing workforce in the 21st century. The participating entrepreneurs represented startups ranging from IT companies to travel/tourism based startups and education companies etc.

Dipesh Khetan, Founder of Admana ,was one of the participants of the event. He expressed, “It was a good event for the founders of different startups. The experts shared useful and practical information from their wide experiences which will helps us as budding entrepreneurs to grow our companies amidst the challenges we face with human resource.”

Enthused by the successful turnout of the entrepreneurs in the event, Aditi Goyal, Co- Manager of GBG Kathmandu shared, “the number of startups are growing every year with many innovative solutions for our nation. However, a lot of Nepali startups face challenges of acquiring human resource talents and retaining them in the company’s best interests, the major challenge being lack of desired 21st century skills among youths and talented youths leaving for abroad within months of joining the company. Usually, challenges related to the HR industry faced by entrepreneurs and HR professionals have not been addressed. Through GBG and such initiations, we aim to highlight such areas and provide a platform where entrepreneurs can connect and learn from each other’s experiences and upgrade the ecosystem for better.”

Managing Workforce for Entrepreneurs_GBG Kathmandu 3.jpg

The event turned out to be an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to network and discuss with fellow entrepreneurs who have already founded startups about challenges which they face while working with human resource and talents in their startups. The event also provided an opportunity for participants to seek solutions for their HR challenges with experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

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