NEICHU MAYER: Honored With Cause

Nepalese Embassy in Israel honored Neichu Mayer, wife of the ambassador of Israel to Nepal Yaron Mayer, for publishing a book Sitapaila describing her stay in Nepal

Aug. 11, 2020, 9:04 a.m.

Although many ambassadors and their families come and go, some pen down their experiences of staying in Nepal. Neichu Mayer is one of them. For her contribution, Nepali Embassy in Israel felicitated and honored Neichu Mayer and her son Shohan at the embassy for publishing the book Sitapaila.

Attended by family members of Mayer and head of Nepal Division of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, other officers of the ministry, Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Hanan Godar, Nepalese leaving in Israel and Israeli citizens and others, the program was organized to mark sixty years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal.

Welcoming the guest, ambassador of Nepal to Israel Dr. Anjan Shakya thanked author Mayer for publishing the book. She said that this will further enhance bilateral relations between Nepal and Israel.

Ambassador Dr. Shakya has expressed happiness to honor Mayer and organize the program to mark sixty years of establishment of diplomatic relations.


Expressing happiness over the honor, Meyer said that she stay in Nepal was positive despite experiencing several tragic natural calamities like earthquakes, avalanches and bus accidents.

Ambassador Hanan Godar presented the events of the book with written through the lens of children to audiences. Head of Nepal Division of Foreign Ministry of Israel said that Israel-Nepal relations is now at the highest level and expressed the hope that both the country can move in the future with further collaboration.

Former ambassador of Israel to Nepal Mayer expressed his happiness over the book published by his wife collecting her stay in Nepal. He said that the book will help to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

What is Sitapaila

Being a spouse of diplomat does not only consist of attending receptions, high profile functions of the host country, dinner and launch with ex-pats and colleagues. However, it also involves personal life as well.

The personal life is informal and very much family-oriented. Many books are available related to the formal aspects of the life of the ambassador’s wife. However, only a few have attempted to see social life or informal parts.

The book is about a whole new adventure that begins in a little boy who finds out that his family is going to move to Nepal. From a most advanced country, Israel with different natural and cultural settings, his new home is far away in Nepal. Sitapaila is the most magical place he could ever imagine. This is what she has described in her book.

Trained in development and humanitarian work, the author is passionate about cross-cultural learning and embracing diversity. She is fascinated by the interaction between children and animals, and their ability to imagine the good side of life under any circumstances. She believes that everyone needs a small dose of childlike curiosity, animal-like adaptability and joy in little things, every day.

Neichu Mayer and her husband Yaron Mayer stayed in Nepal during very difficult situations including political and natural disasters. She experienced and saw the great earthquake of Nepal in 2015 and the hectic work of her husband to bring the Israeli humanitarian medical team to provide medical aid to victims of the earthquake.

Although she observed all the formal and informal parts of her husband, Neichu Mayer reminisces beautifully on her four years in Nepal.

A personal memoir of the reflections and fascinating episodes of the wife of Israel’s diplomatic service officer covering her observation in Nepal on mental health along with growing her small kid.

She brings to life her many experiences while providing insights on the culture and people among whom she lived.

She reflects on the people and events that defined the times during her husband's service in Nepal. An excellent read, filled with truth and history, this is a book you can't put down.

She is giving support for mental health. The book is now available in Amazon India and maybe also Nepal.

“This is my first ever Children's book. The book is derived from my son's memory of his first 3 years, in Nepal. I am so grateful for this opportunity to put a small smile on a kid's face,” said Mayer.

About Book

A whole new adventure begins when a little boy finds out that his families are going to move. His new home is far away in Nepal. Sitapaila is the most magical place he could ever imagine. He meets new friends and comes across many different types of animals. Ducks, fishes, chickens, cows, even a monkey make Sitapaila a really fun place to live. Even Inle the cat is excited! The little boy will always remember a place that is far away, but still his home.

Author: Neichu Mayer, Book: Sitapaila, Category: Children\'s Fiction, Latest releases, Price: £4.99, Length: 25 pages. Browse & Buy Now

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