Nepal Observes 40th World Food Day

Nepal Observes 40th World Food Day

Oct. 17, 2020, 3:55 p.m.

Kathmandu- Nepal observed 40th World Food Day and 75th Anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has pledged to create beyond any doubt that no one remains hungry and no one passes on of hunger. In a message given on the event of the 40th World Nourishment Day here Friday, PM Oli emphasized that the government was effortful to guarantee fundamental food security to the citizens. Within the message, he said, “It is the obligation of a welfare state to guarantee fundamental nourishment security to its citizens. In this way, the structure of Nepal has defined the correct to nourishment as one of the basic rights.”

Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Ghanashyam Bhusal has vowed to guarantee nourishment security within the nation as the service is planning unused approaches and directions to direct the nourishment generation and dispersion sector.

In a video message, the Director-General of the FAO said, “The third quarter-century saw a greater push for sustainability. We worked to empower smallholder farmers. We promoted a package of solutions for global food security. We underscored that there was no such thing as an end to hunger without application of innovation, responsible investment, accessible trade of commodities, and empowering women and youth.”

He further added, “Over the 75 years that FAO has been in existence, we have grown, nourished and sustained the gifts of our soils, the livelihoods of our people, the legacy of our planet. Today begins the next quarter-century of FAO’s story – a time to look back at our successes, but also to measure the distance left to travel, and more importantly, to look forward to the new era.”

In the meantime, Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Rajendra Prasad Bhari said that the service is working on the classification of ranchers to guarantee get to nourishment for all and for maintainable development. “We are presently arranging ranchers and give offices through a voucher system,” he said, including that the service has too inquired all the areas to supply information on farmers.

Quoting the message of FAO Representative in Nepal, the Asst FAOR Dr Binod Saha said, “THEME of the World Food Day this year, GROW, NOURISH, SUSTAIN. TOGETHER: Our Actions Are Our Future, as we all know, reflects the urgency to address the COVID-19 global health crisis which has been a time to reflect on the things we truly cherish and our most basic needs. These uncertain times have made many of us rekindle our appreciation for a thing that some take for granted and many go without food.


Congratulating the award-winning food heroes of Nepal, he said, “FAO fully recognize their contribution in our collective efforts to build back better. So many food heroes play a role in making that meal a reality. We salute them all including the farmers that grew the produce, the drivers that transported it to the market, the grocers that sold the produce and the persons that cooked and served the food.”

On the ceremonial function of 40th World Food Day, presided by Dr Govinda Prasad Sharma, the Director-General of the Department of Agriculture, prizes were distributed to farmers under four categories including Seed Production and Distribution, Agricultural Market Management Committee, Melifera Bee Entrepreneur, Serena Bee Entrepreneur, Organic Farming Campaign.

Similarly, social activists who have been involved in providing food to the marginalized sections during this COVID-19 pandemic were also honored.




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