Aaphailai Khojda: Confessions Of A Professor

Having encountered a number of situations in his life, Bishwambher Pyakuryal’s Aaphailai Khojda is mostly his own confessions

Oct. 27, 2020, 7:54 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 14 No. 05, October 16, 2020 ( Ashwin 30, 2077) Publisher: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

As French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau makes his Confession, Bishwambher Pyakuryal has his Nepali version of similar moments. He narrates every single issue and event of his life in the book. BP Koirala in his Atmakatha and Daman Raj Tulahdar in his autobiography candidly presented the event of their lives. Presenting honestly the events of life, Pyakuryal also puts himself in the list of great authors.

His correspondence throws much light on his life and character. It is not easy in our day to realize the effect wrought upon the public mind by the events.

This is one of the few books written in the personalized style without oppressing the reader with a sense of languor and unreality. Its faults and beauties are on the surface; Pyakuryal’s own estimate is freely expressed from beginning to end.

Pyakuryal is well known for his name and fame in Nepal. A personality from being a professor of Tribhuwan University to a renowned lyricist, Pyakuryal is known all over Nepal. Whether in the teaching profession, or being a lyricist, or writer or consultant of high respect, for that matter, Nepal’s renowned economist Pyakuryal is simple, humble and likable to all.

From writing poems, lyrics, economy-related books and articles, economists and former ambassador Bishwambher Pyakuryal has observed the life of man and the economy of the country.

Dedicating his time tirelessly on issues and for others, professor Pyakuryal this time came out with an autobiography telling a lot about himself and his observations, collections and interactions in life.

Unveiled recently through a video event amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Pyakuryal’s book Aaphailai Khojda narrates his life, experiences, encounters and observations.

Spending over four decades teaching at the Central Department of Economics, Professor Pyakuryal shared his knowledge with hundreds of students, many of whom have served in high-level positions in civil service and private sector.

Known for his knowledge of the economy and professional skills in the academic sector, professor Pyakuryal has also earned fame in the music sector, writing a number of hits as popular songs sung by renowned singers like Narayan Gopal.

Banker and chairperson of Star Hospital Kishore Maharjan said: “I found Pyakuryal is a highly analytical personality and frank person in my over three decades of banking sector experience. His autobiography will be very useful for all.”

His first hit song in 1970s Timile Bhanekaa Sara Dev Chhoyer, his second hit song was Ankhaharu Chahi aljhidaa in 1990s and his recent song Ankhamaa Arko Madakta were ideal, said Maharajan.

He said that Pyakuryal has presented his struggle and ups and downs concisely in the book.

Similarly, senior artist, film producer and director Nir Shah said that man needs to give justice to the role he or she played during life and maintaining the originality while mixing them. Bishwambherje has been able to keep it up …

Shah said whether presenting himself as a country boy or urban student in politics, literature, or in love, marriage or cook or consultant, during heavy heart or light heart, all these are connected in the same rope. Those elements have been made by himself or his philosophy of life and these elements are not demolished yet. “When I searched myself, I find these truths as well as inspiration for life …

Youth leader Ramkumari Jhankri in her comment said the book, presented simply, helps us understand the society, age and system of those days. She said that there are so many important things in the book for the younger generation to learn and read.

Author Pyakuryal said he has narrated all the ups and downs, the hardships, pleasures, happiness and sadness.

“I have presented all my experiences honestly and as I was taking an oath to write the truth. I went to prison during student days as an activist, I taught in school and I have taught for a long period at Tribhuwan University,” said Pyakuryal.

“I have written poems, lyrics and stories. I spent my life closely with musicians, singers and writers. I enjoyed myself with them. I might be productive and unproductive in my life. I went to the US for higher education and enhanced the quality of education. I made mistakes but I am always aware to correct my mistakes. I was rewarded for work and faced humiliation,” said Pyakuryal. “My book is all about this.”

(Published by Fine Print, the book is now available in the market.)

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