Delay In The Construction Of Tanahu Hydropower Project’s Transmission Line

Delay In The Construction Of Tanahu Hydropower Project’s Transmission Line

Sept. 17, 2023, 12:11 p.m.

Slowly The construction of the transmission line for the 140 MW Tanahu hydropower project, currently underway in Tanahun, has been postponed due to policy issues.

Package- 3 of the project has been delayed due to problems with the Ministry of Forestry. The construction of the transmission line began in October 2077 and the Indian company KEC was awarded the contract for this package. Rajbhai Shilpkar, Head of the Tanahun Hydropower Project, reported that 69% of this phase has been completed.

He stated, "Certain issues concerning the Ministry of Forestry remain unresolved, however, we have submitted them to the Ministry of Energy for resolution." Shilpkar further commented that if work had proceeded uninterrupted, 85% of this section would have been finished by now.

He reported that 69 tower foundations have been laid for transmission line construction, with an additional 33 towers connected and 12 tower foundations protected. Wire pulling work for 0.9883 km has also been completed. Furthermore, foundation work is ongoing at one location. He stated that the construction of transmission lines in Packages 1, 2, and 3 has been accelerated.

Under Package-3, KIC International India is currently building a 36 km 'double circuit' transmission line of 220 KV from Damauli to Bharatpur in Chitwan.

Although the target completion deadline for constructing the transmission line is May 2022, delays in obtaining approval from the Ministry of Forestry due to the Covid-19 epidemic and tree cutting in the forest area resulted in an extension of the agreement deadline to December 19, 2024.

Land acquisition for the transmission line's construction will involve 59 plots (23 ropani five annas). Land located within Byas Municipality-13 and 14, Bandipur Rural Municipality-6, Ambukhaireni Rural Municipality-6, Devghat Rural Municipality-4 and 5 will be procured for the development towards Tanahun.

The project, which began four years ago, has made a 43 percent progress across three phases. Kiran Kumar Shrestha, the managing director of Tanahun Hydropower Limited, the firm behind the Tanahun hydropower project, reports that there has been 25% progress in material implementation of the dam construction for package-1, 45% for the power house construction for package-2, and an impressive 69% for the transmission line construction for package-3.

Under the first phase of the project, Song Da Corporation and Vietnam-Kalika Construction Pvt Ltd Nepal JV are constructing a 40-meter high dam and various other structures.

Rajbhai Shilpkar, the head of the project, reported that they are currently working on the diversion tunnels needed for the construction of the main dam, excavating the upper part and slope of the dam, and upgrading the entrance road.

Sino Hydro is currently undertaking the second phase of the project, encompassing the tunnel and power house construction, as well as the installation and operation of hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment.

The construction is scheduled to be finished by June 2026. Package-1 of the project involved a purchase agreement with Song Da Corporation and Vietnam Kalika Construction Pvt Ltd Nepal JV, A contract agreement has been signed with the company for Rs 16.62 billion (excluding provisional sum and value added tax)..

According to the project, construction is ongoing for diversion tunnels 1 and 2, which are necessary to redirect the river for the main dam's construction. The digging process is currently underway at both the inlet and outlet of the diversion tunnels. The excavation work for the upper part of the dam slope has progressed from an elevation level of 544 meters down to 480 meters.

The construction of the access road on the right side of the dam's upper slope was impeded by rain. The project has completed excavation work up to an elevation of 470 meters.

A purchase agreement for package-2 of the project was signed with Sino Hydro Corporation in 2075. According to the project, the underground power station excavation of 89 meters in length, 22 meters in width, and 51 meters in height was finished in 2079, as a part of this package. Furthermore, as reported by the project’s principal architect, the construction of the primary access tunnel, cable tunnel, and access tunnel leading from the right side of the Seti River to the dam and the surge tank has been completed.

The main tunnel of the project, measuring 1,456.9 meters in length, was initiated in November 2078; however, only 680 meters of it had been excavated by the end of the same month. The construction of the penstock connection involved the excavation of 64 meters, which is also finished. Meanwhile, the tailrace tunnel, with a length of 210.9 meters, was commenced on February 29, 2077, and has since been completed. It falls under the hydromechanical and electromechanical work package and concludes the entire penstock excavation process.

The total cost of the company’s capital structure and financial management project (including transmission line, rural electrification and construction period interest) is US ५० 505 million, ADB 150 million, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 184 million and European Investment Bank 80 million. 5 million and the Government of Nepal / Nepal Electricity Authority has been financed 86 million dollars reports RSS.

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